How To Create Romantic, Kissable Lips

How To Create Romantic, Kissable Lips

Kissable lips are highly desirable. Simple tips & tricks to make your lips look waiting to be kissed

Everybody wants smooth and kissable lips. Having nice looking lips can make a person look more attractive. Kissable lips can also help make a person look young and attract attention from the opposite sex. There are some tips on how to make lips smooth, healthy, and kissable.

How to Apply Lip Color

Lipstick can add to the beauty of the lips if it is applied in the correct manner. Lipstick can make the lips look plumper and fuller. There are so many women that apply lipstick incorrectly and do not even know they are doing anything wrong. When selecting the lipstick look for one that has SPF. Make sure you sample how the color looks on your skin before you purchase. Many department stores will allow you try do so. Stretch your lips out and start applying the lipstick from the center. Once the lipstick is applied blot it with a tissue to remove any extra color. Rub your lips together to make sure it is even and look for any smudges outside of your lips. Smudges can be gently removed with a tissue.

Tips for Applying Lip Gloss

For people with thin lips lip gloss can be applied to the center of the lips only. This will make the lips look plumper. After the lip gloss is applied to the lips a very light coating of face power can be applied over the gloss to make it last longer. If you are applying the gloss over lipstick, be very careful as it can cause bleeding. Only add a touch to accent the lips.

You must know how to use lipstick and lip color properly as both are different.

Prevent Lipstick from Bleeding

When the lips are dry lipstick will shift around and cause smudges and bleeding. To prevent this problem a lip balm should be applied to the lips before the lipstick. Lip balm can also be applied at bedtime for extra moisture. Also look for lip color that contains Vitamin E to help condition the lips. Lip gloss that is applied over the lipstick can cause bleeding so it can be skipped.

How to Prevent Fading

Lipstick is applied in the morning and before you get to work you notice that it has faded. There are some things to do to prevent this fading from happening. Lipstick sticks better to lips that are hydrated. Lips should be exfoliated once a week to make sure they have plenty of moisture. Before applying the lipstick a tiny dab of foundation can be applied around the outline of the lips. They not only reduce the appearance of fine lines but will help the lipstick look fresh longer. A lip liner can be used to make the lips more defined. When selecting a lipstick look for one that is long lasting. This should be stated on the label. These lipsticks have been shown to last longer.

How to Get Bold Lips

When applying bold lips is it important to apply the lipstick correctly. Before applying the lipstick lightly scrub the lips in order to get rid of any dead skin. Once the skin is smooth apply lip balm for moisture and allow it to set for a couple of minutes. A nude shade lips pencil should then be used to trace the lips. This shade will not take attention away from the lips. Pick you bold such as a deep red and apply it with a lipstick brush. This will help make sure it is applied evenly. You can also apply it normally. Once your lipstick is on blot it with a tissue to remove any extra. A light layer of gloss can be applied to make the lips really stand out.

Uneven lips

Using a lip pencil the thinner parts of the lips should be outlined. You will end up going outside the natural lip line. This should also be done to help make the top and the bottom lip look even. The fuller lip should be outline along the lip line. Apply the lipstick inside the lines. This will help make the lips look even. Any extra lipstick should be wiped away to keep bleeding or smudging.

Kissable lips are highly desirable. Following these simple tips and tricks to make your lips look fuller and waiting to be kissed.