If He Has These 6 Qualities, He Is A True Certified GENTLEMAN

Are you dating a true gentleman?

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In the dictionary, the word "Gentleman" is labeled as a noun (pl. gentlemen) and defined as "a chivalrous, courteous, or honorable man."

As you can see, the name 'gentleman' does not refer to a 'common' man. This is because his characteristics outshine those of other men. He is able to handle issues calmly and maturely, avoiding excessive conflicts and disagreements.

In a relationship, this man makes sure his partner is happy and tries not to complain about trivial matters. He wants to make sure his partner is comfortable and well appreciated.


A gentleman does not ignore responsibilities or stray from a faithful relationship.

Last but not least, true gentlemen will not break your heart.

Are you dating a true gentleman? If not, here are the six ways to quickly identify the gentlemen in your life:

1. He takes responsibility for his actions and decisions.

A gentleman does not leave his spouse in a mess. One of the impacts of sex is pregnancy, whereby most men deny knowing very well that it is their responsibility.

The gentlemen usually have the caring attitude during pregnancy period and the spouse too. They take care of the partner and all their needs till she delivers.


The common man does not care about the unborn baby or the mother. They only come after the baby has matured and then claim that they fathered the child and want to take them home.

This is different from a gentleman who takes responsibility from birth until the child is free to make their own choice.

2. He loves and respects his woman for who she is.

Gentlemen mean business when it comes to love. They are able to truly love and respect their children. A real man is the one who loves, respects, and treats his women with dignity.

Women like to be treated well by their men because this gives them confidence that they are of great value. Respecting your woman is a prove that you truly love her.


3. He takes the initiative and leads.

The man is the head of the house, hence he should lead in everything. A real man shows his woman the way forward instead of waiting to be lead.

Women feel comfortable when walking with their men being lead. When you ensure the goals you set as a family, you lead towards achieving them.

4. He fulfills his partner mentally and sexually.

A real man is the one who fulfills his partner both mentally and sexually. The most important thing you can do as a man is to ensure you satisfy your partner in bed.

Sexual dissatisfaction has lead to broken marriages. No relationship that can work effectively without sex. Everybody has feelings so you need to agree how and when to sort each other by making love.


Avoid things that can make you lose desire of your partner because she will feel hated.

5. He protects his partner physically and emotionally.

A man is the security of the woman. Every woman, by the mere fact that she has a man around, makes her feels more secure and protected.

A real man usually wants to see the partner safe and sound whether she is far or just near him. His role is to make sure that if they're dating and not married yet, he makes sure that she has arrived home safely. This is after a date or any meeting that they parted late.

A gentleman ensures that he do not hurt his partner's feelings, in any way possible.

6. He commits to the relationship fully.


Common men are not fully committed to their relationship. They don't mind the feelings of the spouse making them suffer getting committed.

A gentleman ensures that the relationship has moved perfect time really because they are so committed to a lifetime relationship. Most of the common men are only in need of a short-term relationship which is just to fulfill their selfish needs.

The common man doesn't consider female sexual health, only satisfying their feelings


The above are 6 major things in which your gentleman should do in your relationship. It does not mean that he is supposed to possess all the 6 rather some of them should be seen in him to make him qualified to be called a gentleman.

A gentleman should value and respect a woman not only the one he is in love with but also all women he comes across.

The common man thinks that a woman is an object subject to sex. They can even rape the minor and don't think that a woman can have more money than a man. Hence, they have no respect for any woman.

A gentleman deserves the name.