The Do's And Don't Of Getting Stood Up

Dating: What You Should Do If You're Stood Up On A Date

Whatever you do, don't start calling him excessively until he picks up. Or rather, never picks up.

At the touch of a button on your smartphone you have access to literally thousands of singles. You think someone is going to be your partner for life, and BAM! They stand you up for your first date. You are left at the amusement park alone eating $10 french fries and riding the roller coaster all by yourself.

Your mind starts reeling — "What is going on here? Is my date in a coma? Does he need me by his side? That's the only reasonable excuse he could have for standing me up. Is she OK? Or is she shacking up with someone she met at the bar last night? What went wrong? What did I do wrong? Oh crap, online dating sucks! I will never find love or go on a date again. Ever!" Learn the art of dating online and how to get the guy.

If you've ever been there, know that you are not alone. OK maybe you are alone in the relationship department, but you're not the only one who has been stood up on a date before.

There are several things you should NEVER do if this happens:

Don't Text Bomb
If you were stood up on a date, don't blow up their phone! If they are in a coma (which is probably NOT the case), they won't hear it anyway and if they are still shacking up from last night, I can guarantee they are not gonna pick up the phone and ask you out for bagels this morning to make up for it.

DO Take It Easy On Yourself
Just because your date stood you up doesn't mean you are a loser, a lackey or a fool. You just happened to get hit with a dating rogue wave. Sometimes it happens to the best of us, and you are lucky they let you down before you found out that she was the best kisser on the planet, and you start really falling for her.

Don't Take It Personally 
This is an opportunity for you to learn how to get comfortable in your single skin. It is not your fault your date blew you off. Something actually could have happened like they did lose their phone or their grandmother died. Or they could give you a big pretend excuse like the one I heard, "I was at a Mormon College, my phone and my computer got stolen and there was no Internet there." Yeah, right. In this case it’s not you it's them.

DO Look At Your Past
If you have been rejected in the past, when you were a kid or in a past relationship, it can affect the way you feel today, even if you are all grown up. If your dad didn’t want to come to your little league games when you were 7 the same kinds of feelings and hormones can flood your body today just like they did 20 years ago. So what you are feeling now could stem from being rejected in the past. But that was then and this is now. Learn how to stop pushing love away the easy way.

If you are still having troubles letting go of past rejections, there are a few things you can do today that will help you become more aware of yourself and help you move on. Meditate, appreciate, and celebrate who you are right now, even if you are single. Because every date that stands you up is an opportunity to show that you have courage to dust yourself off and get back out there again.

Because, you my friend, are worth it and the EPIC Love you are looking for is out there, and you just need a little more time to get ready. Get the FREE Tools you need to be authentic an attract the real love that you are looking for.

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