The Secret Thing That's Actually Poisoning Your Relationship


Keeping your mouth shut about what's bothering you is NOT helping anyone.

You don’t need a special issue to benefit from introspection. You don’t even need to be unhappy. In fact, right now is an excellent opportunity to make your existing relationships even closer and better.

And you can do it just by opening yourself up to the problems you've been facing.

The issues and beliefs that we all have lurking just underneath the surface color the relationships we have. Sometimes it’s like the elephant in the room  you know there’s an issue there and no one acknowledges it. 

It’s too dangerous. It’ll unleash too much emotion. What will the consequences be?

So we pretend it’s all fine.

But is it all fine? Just because you’re able to function  doesn’t resolve anything.

And so the tension accumulates.

By the time it bursts. you have a major issue on your hands instead of one that could have been dealt with easily and effectively at a much earlier stage.

Often these issues aren’t even yours. We all carry patterning inherited from our ancestors and other sources which consciously we would be appalled at.

This patterning is something we live with whether conscious of it or not. It acts as an invisible brake on what we do and what we want to achieve. We might have the brake on in one area of our lives and not in another.

When we clean ourselves of this patterning we enhance our actions, heal our relationships and invite extraordinary happenings into our lives. By clearing our energy we invite wonderful people into our lives. We allow the people we’re with to be more wonderful with us  and we allow the flow of the universe to reach us without obstacles.

So instead of letting the unspoken irritations and disappointments build up ... do something about it now.

Don’t wait for the other person to change. That’s what they’re doing with you. It just builds up lots of point scoring and resentment. Change yourself, because when you change your beliefs everyone else starts treating you differently.

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