Hey Ladies!! You DON'T Want your Ex back, Get Another Sun

He is NOT your sun

You think you want your ex back but here are some tips that may change your mind

You Only Think You Want Your Ex Back! Look to the Sun, the Moon and the Stars

I’ve got a secret to share, come closeyou don’t really want your ex back, you only think that you do and I want to prove it you!

Many of us are like the moon. The moon doesn’t provide its own light, it only shines when the sun shines. The moon follows the suns lead. There are full moons, blue moons, harvest moons and no moon visible at all. The sun? It doesn’t care what the moon does or doesn’t doit controls our solar system.

This is how many people exist when they are with a person they should not be with. Your happiness is dependent upon how bright your man shined toward you that day. Some days you were full and glowing, during the early days, when he wasn’t so verbally abusive. Other days, you were bluethe nights you caught him cheating, or when you think about the money he always borrowed but never paid back. Your mind has convinced you that this is how life should be.

What if I told you that you can be happy by providing your own sun? That, by not basing your brightness (happiness) upon others and how they are treating you, you can control your happiness? What if I told you that you have the tools to grab ahold of the sun and provide your own brightness?

You do!

Hi, I’m Gregg and this is at the very core of what I teach. In my best seller, How to Get Your Ex Back Fast, I provide the tools to draw you away from the moon and become your own sun. This is done by building your self-esteem and confidence, day-by-day and brick-by-brick, until that ex of yours is a dull star in the distance!

When you choose my path, you realize that you don’t want your ex back because, really, he was making you unhappy. Once you are reliant upon yourself for happinessyour prospects of men gets upgraded in a big way! You have choices and choices that provide the ability to compare, and guess who doesn’t measure up anymore?

You've guessed ityour ex!

Now maybe he was a great guy and things just faded out and he left you. My solution stands. He left you because he was tired of being your sun and he wants to be with someone who has their own personal power plant of happiness. Instead of trying to get him back, you go on a full blown Lewis & Clark self-discovery journey to find your sun! You will do it by developing a vision and pursuing confidence like a women with a new Visa card! What will you have in 1 month? 6 months? 5 years?

Affirmations, goal setting, visualization and meditation will be the tools you will use to move through this process! These are all found in my best seller, Comfortable in Your Own Shoes.

Next, guide yourself on a whirlwind tour to pursue hobbies, passions and bucket list items that have raised your curiosity throughout your years, but were stifled by your ex. Rally your girlfriends and take them along for the ride too. I have seen 60 year olds behave like college kids while going through this self-discovery process. It not only turbocharges your self-esteemit is fun!

Final thoughts

Don’t fall for the false premise that you need this guy, or any guy, to provide your brightness. You do not. This is your low self-esteem talking and not the real you. He has left you, don’t pursue, instead rejoice and go find your own sun!

Strongly consider my advice above! It works! Don’t believe me? Read my reviews. Then, take a journey through my solar system and you will never land on planet X again!

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