Difficult Women ARE NOT Attractive! Let Go Of That Bad Habit

Be flexible

Being a difficult woman is NOT attractive—learn to become a better guy magnet.

One thing that I have come to realize through the years is that some people are just plain difficult. Difficult to live with. Difficult to talk to. Difficult to reason with. Whatever the case, it’s just their nature to be difficult. Are you a difficult woman?

Are You Inflexible?

I’m not talking yoga here, I’m talking about your daily plans and schedule of events. Some women will not break away from their daily routine. This becomes an issue if a new man enters your domain. I have a friend who is single and really wants to meet a great guy but she will not go out of her way to do it. Therefore, she limits her exposure to social venues to just a few times a week. If you are serious about meeting someone new, then you need to be flexible about making some serious changes to your everyday life.

Do You Have a Sense of Humor?

I have found that there are very few people that don’t have a sense of humor. In fact, I’m amazed how funny most people can be when they want to be. And yet, many people will not let their sense of humor come out and play! Why? Every study in the world says that laughing and smiling is good for you. It relieves stress and attracts others, so why clam up every day like life is just something to get through? It’s not. This life is the only one you get, so laugh your way through it. Did you ever go out and see a bunch of people laughing and having fun? It’s natural to be drawn to these people unless you are a miserable and difficult person to begin with. So I say make a conscious effort to laugh and smile a little more—it will pay spades to your health and attractiveness.

Do You Ever Surrender Control?

Control freaks—I’m speaking to you! It’s Okay to wear the boots in the relationship, if that’s how you are. But it’s a sign of a difficult woman if you can never surrender the reins to your man. Remember, your guy needs to at least think he counts and that is why he needs to have control of at least a few things in the relationship. Let him make the plans, drive, or take control under the sheets now and then—it will help your relationship.

Are You Quick to Point Out Other Peoples’ Flaws?

This is a big one. A difficult woman will counter her shortcomings by pointing out and reminding her mate of his constant screw ups. Hey, we all screw up every day but that’s something to laugh about remember? I had a girlfriend that was always on me for snoring. She wouldn’t let it go. She even told the world about my snoring. I know she suffered from a bit of lack of sleep but it wasn’t life altering. Furthermore, there was really nothing that I could do about it. It hurt me, and instead of talking about it and seeking a resolution to the problem—she just told everyone how bad my snoring was. Contempt built and I dumped her!

Now, it’s time to take a hard look in the mirror and ask yourself if you are becoming a difficult woman. If the answer is yes, then make the adjustments today and watch how much happier you become.