5 Powerful Ways to Get Over a Break Up


Liberate yourself from heartache with these five tools for healing the heart.

A break up with someone  can be one of the most significant life events even if the parting was amicable and peaceful.  Here are five strategies of how you can use the art of qi gong to buffer the pain, heal your spirit and  move on to new relationships and experiences with joy.

(1) Breathe More Deeply.

When we are grieving the loss of a relationship, energy stagnates in your lungs. Do you ever notice how difficult it is to take a deeper breath when you are sad?

Engage in this Heal the Heart meditation, to allow yourself permission to take that deeper breath to release feelings, invigorate your energy and heal your heart..

(2) Open Your Spirit to Higher Vibrations.

The movement called, "Pulling Down the Heavens," demonstrated on my free webinar, can help open your spirit to higher vibrations to remind you that loving support is all around you.

Perform the movement shown on the video with slow deliberate motions and with the intention of reaching into the heavens to access higher spiritual energy, to soothe and comfort your heart.

(3) Gain Energetic Closure.

Once we love a person, we develop an energetic bond that does not necessarily end when we end the relationship.  Often times, clients will say, "I've accepted that the relationship was not meant to be and let go, but I am still feeling unsettled and tethered to the pain and heartache."

Sometimes we need to truly purge and release the relationship energetically to liberate ourselves.  

For instance, if you kept a journal about the relationship, you might want to spend some time reviewing, then allow yourself to toss that journal into your fireplace or barbecue pit and let the pages burn.  Celebrate the lessons as the smoke rises to the sky and affirm that you are indeed worthy of love and the kind of relationship that will nourish your spirit.

If you still have your ex's belongings, get rid of those things along with items given to you. Each gift that was given has the energetic residue of your ex--why keep that around?  Give to charity or recycle.

Stop lingering over photos, songs or other things that remind you of your time together. Remind yourself that part of healing is focusing on the present moment of healing and going forward to create new experiences with people who will receive your love and return it in a healthy and supportive way. 

Use positive affirmations to keep yourself from reaching out with  your energy to your ex in thoughts: "I am grounded in this healing moment and focused on whatever task or thought is right in front of me--knowing this will lead me to new people and new love."

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