6 Ways To Kiss A Guy That Will Make His Heart Melt

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how to kiss a guy make him fall in love with you

He won't be able to resist going in for another!

Sadly, men and women are on different pages when it comes to the importance of kissing.

Why do women enjoy kissing so much more than men? A woman's lips are kind of like getting on the expressway: There's a direct path between her lips and her genitalia. (That's why I often coach men that spending 20 minutes above her nipples helps her to lubricate and orgasm more easily.)

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But you can make your man enjoy kissing just as much as you do with these six tips for how to kiss a guy so well that he won't want to stop.

Here's how to make him fall in love with you — first the first time, or possibly all over again — with a kiss:

1. Get your lips in kissable shape. 


Leaning in to kiss someone with severely chapped and peeling lips is not appealing. Neither is garlic breath. Make that mouth appetizing by brushing your teeth and applying some lip balm to keep those smackers kissably soft.

2. Slow it down. 

These things can't be rushed. We're talking about passion here, not a "wham, bam, thank you ma'am" approach to . Enjoy the sounds of your partner breathing, smile at one another and just be. As you're taking pleasure in one another's company, the makeout session will just happen.

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3. Keep it interesting.


A straight peck on the lips would be boring. Ten whole seconds with lips touching and nothing else going on? Boring. Try it slow, try it fast. Do it soft, and then do it hard. Add some tongue, then take it away and kiss close-lipped. You'll soon find you don't really have to think about it; you'll be making out like teenagers again. And that's when the fun starts.

4. Get your hands in on the action.

Maybe you like to start out with arms wrapped up around one another or sweetly cupping each other's face. You don't have to keep your hands in one place, though. Rake your fingernails down your partner's back and shoulders. Run your fingernails through their hair. If things get heated, dare to play a little grab- and see where it leads.

5. Kiss other places.


Don't get me wrong: the lips are . But how many of you go wild if your partner kisses that place where your neck and shoulders meet? How about kissing up and down the jawline or just below the ear? So many places feel amazing when kissed. And the best part? Exploring helps you find new places to kiss that get your partner going.

6. Make a more physical connection. 

That sounds silly since I've been talking all along about getting physical with one another's faces. However, there's something super- about feeling your partner's breath on your skin, seeing that lustful gaze in their eyes as you reach for them. Take time to notice these things and use them to fuel your friskiness.

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