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If You're Short And Curvy, These 5 HOT Lingerie Pieces Are For You

Photo: Curvy Girl Lingerie

When you're short and curvy, it's a constant battle to find clothes that fit ... let alone hot lingerie that fits.

However, here are some great pieces that are perfect for short curvy bodies:

1. Not only is the Vera ($42) a two-piece (which I love), it's incredibly soft. The cami has adjustable straps, and it's not crazy long. The boy shorts are also another favorite because they really enhance the booty, and the pink lace is just HOT. I often wear this to bed, even when I don't plan on getting any action.

2. The Jessie ($45) is another great one! It has a sweet and sexy pin-up, baby doll look. The cups have removable pads to add a little extra lift, and the straps are adjustable. (Plus, it comes with a matching mesh thong!)

3. The Black Strapless Lace Dress ($40) is perfect for the short curvy gal because it isn't super long and the side is adjustable with a tie. So if you want it a little longer or shorter, you can easily adjust it. The soft lace is also really flattering!

4. The Beyonce ($80) is one of those pieces that looks good alone at home OR out with a sexy pair of leggings. It's a sexy full boned coret with a zippered back, so you don't have to worry about pinching or tugging anything. Bonus: You can wear it with the straps on or off the shoulder.

5. The Amnesia Seamless Hot Dress ($30) is what I like to call a "trashy on purpose" dress. There's nothing sexier than a dress that clings to your curves. It comes in one Queen size, which fits up to a size 26. Go ahead, throw it on and drive your partner WILD!

Ultimately, wear what ever you feel sexy in. Don't let anyone tell you what that is or how to rock it! The styles above are all available in store and online.