Ladies, Step UP! 4 Reasons Why This V-DAY You Need To Romance HIM

kiss him

Your guy wants a little romance, too, you know!

V-Day is fast approaching. It's the most romantic day of the year; it's the "Super Bowl of Love"—a mushy holiday earmarked for the sale of wine, roses, chocolate, and otherwise going over the top to express love for your significant other.

That is ... if you're a woman.

For most men, V-Day is more like D-Day, as in "dread" and "desperation."

It's not that men aren't suckers for romance. It's just that for most of us, Valentine's Day feels like playing a game of emotional roulette—"Be romantic, or else!" We're well aware that our women expect us to deliver ... BIG time. And therein lies the rub.

Appeasing Cupid makes us break out in a sweat. Our number one worry? Failing to "score" (both the right gift and with her afterward) and disappointing the women we love. So, ladies, this year, I say it's high time for YOU start thinking about making Valentine's Day special for US.

On behalf of men everywhere, I offer these Valentine's Day gift ideas for him will make this V-Day his best one ever (and hopefully yours, too). It's time to turn the tables and for YOU to take charge of romancing your man.

Here's why I think this will be a win-win:

1. It's NOT all about YOU! Valentine's Day is traditionally all about men showering their women with sweet indulgences, expensive dinners, and pricey presents. Is that fair? Not according to a recent survey that reveals 45% of men think they should also be spoiled on Valentine's Day.

The good news is that the things we men find romantic are surprisingly simple. While you may melt at the thought of a candlelit dinner in a posh restaurant, we prefer our partner to whip up something special for us at home. A bit old-fashioned? Maybe, but it makes us feel important and appreciated.

Other ideas: Stock the fridge with our favorite beer and give us total control of the remote for a day. Or how about a card that tells us how sexy, smart, or amazing you think we are? Men like to feel special just as much as women do, and when that happens we are putty in your hands.

2. Carpe diem. 64% of men do not make Valentine's Day plans in advance, and that infuriates women. Truth is, we dudes are typically clueless about where you want to go and what you want to do. Or worse, we fear we'll make plans you won't like.

Most women have definite ideas of how they want a man to sweep them off their feet, and they want their men to figure it all out and "surprise" them. The problem is that a night of romance simply doesn't mean the same thing to us as it does to you. And a heads up: We don't have a crystal ball hidden in our sock drawer.

Simple solution? Seize the day. Map out your perfect Valentine's Day experience, take care of the details, and then tell us what you've planned and how we should dress. Whatever makes you happy, we're all in—and, for the record, more than willing to pay.

3. Ante up. Guys spend an average of $119 on their sweethearts—more than twice what women spend on their significant others. And don't think we guys don't take note of this. Romance us, and we're happy to return the favor.

With flowers and chocolate off the table, what gifts make a man feel loved? Remember, nobody knows us like you do, so use that intimate knowledge to come up with something special you can surprise us with.

Hint: If your budget can handle it, 50% of men say a romantic weekend away is the perfect way to celebrate. A pair of tickets to the big game, a concert, or a play we've been talking about would blow most guys away.

Of course, it's not about how much you spend. Anything—even a sweet gesture—that makes us feel special and appreciated will hit the mark.

4. Know the top three gifts men crave the most. Good news: two won't cost you a dime—and the other involves shopping for yourself. Pick any (or all) of these and he won't be able to keep his hands off of you:

  • A spa night at home. 57% of men surveyed by Tokii.com said they would enjoy a special massage. So, light some candles, make a playlist of romantic music, heat up the towels, and grab the oil. Ahhhh.
  • Sex. 32% of men say they'd be happy fooling around in bed all day. No surprise there.
  • Play dress up. Visual creatures that they are, 19% of men confess they'd love to see you wear a sexy costume. So, head to your favorite lingerie store for something naughty that's guaranteed to make your Valentine's Day beyond nice.

For ideas on how to play Cupid all year long, visit my Experts page to order a copy of my bestselling book, Conversation is Sexy.