Top Ten Benefits Of Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is not the phony-baloney it was once believed to be. Numerous studies over recent years have shown that optimistic thinking leads to a positive attitude. People with positive attitudes live longer happier healthier lives.

1. Thinking positive is a choice. With practice it becomes a habit that will reap the following benefits:

2. Feel Better - When you're positive you'll feel better about yourself and life in general. It's impossible to feel positive and negative at the same time - so the more positive you are, the more positive feelings will come. You'll feel more peaceful, happier and calmer.

3. Obtain a Healthy Self-Esteem - Know and truly believe that you are a valuable person and have something to offer. Trust in yourself and your decisions.

4. Develop Positive Habits - When you feel good about yourself it's easier to develop positive habits such as exercising, eating right, quitting smoking, eliminating procrastination etc.

5. Enjoy Life to the Fullest - You'll have increased energy to enable you to achieve more in less time. Think about good happy things you want to happen and in time they will come to pass.

6. Be in Control of Your Destiny - Every ones lives are shaped by what they think about most often. You can have the life you've always dreamed of as you continue to take action towards your goals.

7. Better Coping Skills - Hard times will come, they are inevitable. When you're a positive person it will be easier to handle these situations.

8. Decreased Stress - Every day hassles that may have seemed traumatic to you in the past - will just seem to roll off your back. You'll have fewer problems with work and other daily activities caused by poor physical or emotional health.

9. Improved Health - Studies have shown that your physical health is influenced by your mental health. Research also shows that positive people experience less pain and fewer limitations when engaging in social in social activities.

10. Improved Relationships - You'll attract positive people in your life. When you're feeling good, people want to be around you more. The more you show gratitude and love for others - the more you'll receive.

Make a conscious choice - today and every day - to think positive. Keep in mind that unpleasant or bad events are only temporary. You may not be able to control the situation - But you can Control Your Thoughts and Attitude.