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You are at a crossroad in your life. It is completely up to you what path you choose to take.

About Cindy Holbrook

Are you sick and tired of the ups and downs associated with your divorce?

Are you ready to find some peace in your life?

As a woman that's been there, I understand the loneliness, hopelessness, despair, confusion and fear that can seem overwhelming and next to impossible to bear. Divorce is hard!

While you are grieving the loss of your marriage, you must make important decisions that will impact you for the rest of your life. You may not realize all of the emotional effects of divorce or what type of support is right for you.

You may not feel free to make your own choices, it appears as if there is this invisible wall blocking you from moving forward. You are struggling to make some normalcy in your life.

You may believe that once the legal documents are signed and you are legally divorced, that you will feel better. This is often not the case. Many women report feeling worse after the legal documents have been filed. You may be full of regrets, asking yourself why, and thinking if only. You also may have to contend with co-parenting, less financial stability and a new woman in your ex's life.

You may feel as if no one understands the emotional turmoil you are in. Whether you are in the midst of a nasty divorce or are already legally divorced, I can give you a nurturing, safe environment to vent your frustrations, explore your options and gain clarity within the emotional turmoil so that you will know what steps to take in this new journey of your life.

Begin, by taking the Divorce Recovery Compass assessment and receive some important next steps based on where you are in the divorce recovery process. My promise to you is that you will come away with hope and feel inspired with one or two techniques that will empower you to let go of the past and move forward with ease.

Cindy Holbrook Success Stories

From a Miserable Divorcee to an Amazing Woman Living a Fulfilled Life

Women starting over

Kelli had been divorced for two years when she began working with me. She was a self-proclaimed miserable divorcee and felt stuck.  Her husband had left her for another woman. Due to an illness, Kelli was confined to a wheel chair and would literally spend days in bed, hiding under the covers. She felt hopeless and did not believe she could ever be happy again. She blamed her ex for leaving her. She blamed her disability (and her ex) for being lonely. She didn’t believe that she had anything to offer anyone.more

Kelli really wanted to get unstuck. She had a tiny glimpse of hope when she first contacted me. She actively tried every strategy I shared with her to find the ones that worked best for her. She continues to use many of these simple strategies on a daily basis to this day.

Here are 3 Shifts Kelli experienced that enabled her to transition from a miserable divorcee to an amazing woman living a fulfilled life

The first shift came in only a few days. Kelli, found that she would actually get up, get dressed and brush her hair daily. She found that this drastically improved her mood. She began sleeping and eating better. She felt lighter, happier and more hopeful.

The second shift came when Kelli began to venture outdoors. She lived on a river, with a beautiful walkway, where people went to exercise or just take in the magical view. She began taking a short stroll along the river every morning. She was amazed by how friendly people were and began to make many acquaintances.  

Kelli would get in her wheel chair and stroll around the condo. She loved to go sit by the pool. In time she became friends with many of her neighbors and began accepting invitations to parties and barbecues. She even started her own book club.

The third shift came when Kelli joined an online dating site for the disabled. She began dating again and discovered that many men found her loving, charming, interesting and desirable! She made many friends which filled her need for intellectual conversation as well as companionship.

Kelli found that life was worth living and that she no longer had to wallow in the past. She found out that her wheel-chair was only an obstacle if she allowed it to be.
Her divorce could only define her as much as she let it. Kelli no longer made excuses to stay stuck in depression. She knew that her life was in her hands and decided to make it be a happy one.

Visit CoachingForDivorcedWomen.com/getting-unstuck to schedule a time to talk to Cindy. You'll discover the next step to take and get a taste of what working with Cindy would be like for you.

A simple technique o diminish the pain in her aching heart

Women starting over

Kristin contacted me within a week of her husband of 18 years, telling her he wanted a divorce. Kristin was blindsided. He said he wanted to take care of her and remain friends, however, he wanted different things than she could offer. There was no other woman involved.more

Kristin wasn’t even aware that there were any problems in her marriage. She thought they were both happy. She considered him her best friend and soul mate. Family and friends called them the perfect couple.

From the beginning Kristin complained of a REAL aching heart. She felt as if her heart was going to actually explode. It scared her. She wondered if her emotional pain was creating a real, life-threatening physical condition.

I assured her that this was a very normal feeling. I advised her to go the doctors, just to be safe. However, emotional pain can and does cause real physical pain. Kristin’s emotional heart was literally breaking. Even though she felt lost and confused she was determined to swiftly breakthrough the fear, anger and depression she was experiencing.

A simple technique Kristin learned to diminish the pain in her aching heart

I assured her that her heart would not really break. Kristin did what so many people try to do when they are in physical pain because of an emotional issue. She tried to ignore it in order to make it go away. The truth is that it emotional pain must be completely felt to completely heal.

I shared a few strategies with Kristin in order for her to feel the pain and assured her that she was ok to hurt. One of her favorite strategies was a breathing technique in which you watch the pain flow through your physical body and allow it to heighten to elevated levels, and then begin to release it and let it subside. This technique takes less than ten minutes.

Every time Kristin’s heart began to ache, she practiced breathing while allowing the pain to be there without judging it or trying to stop it. Most times the pain does completely go away after one session, however each time the pain returns, it is a lot less intense. In addition the length of time between episodes becomes longer and longer. Soon the pain is completely gone. In Kristin’s case it took less than a month.

Kristin liked this strategy so much, that she is now constantly telling her friends to breathe and to accept the pain until it is gone. She says this is one strategy had helped her to let go and move forward to the next chapter in her life.

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