Don't Let Him BLAME You For The DIVORCE!—It Was Meant To Be


If your former husband is BLAMING YOU for the divorce—DON'T LET HIM! It was meant to happen

If your former husband, your "wasband" told you it was your fault and that he blamed you for the divorce—he was wrong! If you blamed yourself you were also wrong because the problem happened long before the wedding. The problem in every marriage that ends in divorce occurred when you selected your partner; the first moment you decided this was the person you wanted to marry because you hadn’t considered a few key factors.

Your needs and his needs were different and you would need advanced communication skills to create lifelong cooperation when people have different needs and priorities. Many of us have been in marriages that left us feeling disappointed or even saddened by a dream that went so wrong. And some of us have repeated the process wondering how to create the loving, peaceful, monogamous and joyous marriage we expected after the honeymoon, right?  

There is a Recipe for A Happy Marriage & Committed Partnership and it’s surprisingly easy to understand as it’s a 6 Part Conversation© and I offer a free 1 hour telephone consultation to walk you through it. If we look at ourselves, our family and our closest friends, for some marriage is the long-dreamed-of magical moment that is meant to start an entirely new life. Yet, for some marriages is the marriage, the green oasis that lives in your heart and which you never seem to reach as you travel across the desert looking for a safe and beautiful future—which group is more like your experience with marriage?  

Most relationship problems occur when your need to be heard or your partner’s need to be heard aren’t met enough of the time. We think it’s that they’re not listening and the truth is that listening to you isn’t enough—you want your partner to understand you and that means really feeling heard by a partner who has patience, shows interest and who is also compassionate.  

If you’re excited to learn some of the skills that are really powerful and successful so that you can create a fabulous marriage either for the first time or the next and last time. Please consider learning The 6 Part Conversation© that allows you to make peace with anyone every time you speak. In that way there is never a rift to heal and there will never be a need for reconciliation because you will hear and be heard; you will listen and be listened to; you will love and be loved! To avoid divorce Marriage Advice from a World-renowned Mediator!