3 Ways Sexuality And Gender-Variance Is Partly A Soul Decision

Your gender and sexuality resonate in your soul.

How Your Soul Chooses Gender or Sexuality WeHeartIt

Would you consider yourself 100 percent female or 100 percent male? 

More often than not, most of us resonate in between the two extremes which reflects in our appearance, voice, sexualityand sexual orientation. Depending on our personal level of self awareness and esteem, the unspoken socially expected roles for "women" and "men" can influence our confidence and sense of belonging, both, at home and in the workplace.  


Recently Miley Cyrus revealed to Marie Claire that she feels like a 15-year-old boy trapped in her 22-year-old body — I imagine she is not alone in this feeling — just more willing to honestly express so. Her work with the Happy Hippie Foundation raises awareness for homeless lesbian and gay youth, helping many dealing with gender challenges to find refuge.

According to the American Psychological Association, many transgender and gender-variant people experience stigmatization and discrimination, as a result of living in a gendered culture — one where they often don't easily fit. More than ever, it's time for this to change.


Working with many clients, ranging from gay and bi-curious individuals to professionals working in the transgender sex transition field, I have a unique professional intuitive opinion on this subject. Regardless of your sexual orientation — cis or transgender, sexuality issues are energetically way more complex than most people realize or understand.

Here are 3 soul energetic factors that affect, if not, predetermine sexual orientation:

1. Living many past lives as the opposite sex. This can create physical and emotional blocks when acclimating to the "here-now" life gender, causing a life-long sense of not fitting in. Not to mention, an internal desire to more closely reflect the opposite gender or sex.

2. Being born with equally strong male and female polarities. Many experience this as a voice that does not match their body, feminine (or masculine) mannerisms and additional gender confusions that potentially create identity and esteem challenges. Again this can polarize conflicts resulting in discrimination, blocking basic social or workplace acceptance.


3. Letting yourself be (fully) sexually empowered. This stood out in Popular, people pleasing personalities going from good girl to wild child in a short time. Once the choice to "come out of the closet" as gay or even transgender happens, there is a powerful shift from repressed to empowered. Once you achieve self acceptance in your sexual preference, confidence in any social or public environment is possible.

What I love about Caitlyn Jenner's public journey is not only that she's genuinely using her fame to bring rights to the transgender community, but that she is also mastering her archetype of champion, as both a male and female, all within one lifetime. Although highly controversial, her path could potentially change history to bring consciousness, and hopefully more kindness to a highly judged and misunderstood issue in our society.

IOM National Academies feel that researchers still have a great deal to learn, and they face a number of challenges in understanding the health needs of LGBT populations — I couldn't agree more. Finding new conscious wellness solutions to create space for peaceful and healthy coexistence for everyone, regardless of sexual orientation, are simple basic rights that we all deserve.

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