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Watch: Family Puts Out Beautiful Tribute To Transgender Child

Ryland is a healthy, happy little boy.

But young Ryland Whittington had more trials in his early years than most children his age — a lot more. First, when he was a year old, it was discovered that he is deaf. And second? He was born a girl. Although he was assigned the 'female' at birth, he knew (and let his parents know!) from a young age that he was a boy. Ryland is transgender.

The best part? His parents are so incredibly supportive of his identity. They are willing to shove aside the judgements of people around them in order to let their son be exactly who he wants to be. That is true love and true parenting! Ryland's mom and dad put together this amazing tribute video to show the world how much they love and support their son.

Get the tissues ready for this one! It is a tear-jerker and an absolute must-see video! We, as a society, need to start talking about gender issues and spreading a message of love and understanding to the tansgender community.

Ryland is one lucky boy to have such amazing parents by his side.

Watch the heartwarming tribute video Ryland's parents made below!