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About Cathleen Miller

About Me:

Hi, I'm Cathleen Miller, Holistic Practitioner, Author & Intuitive Lifestyle Expert. I offer Empowered Life Sessions (energy therapy blended with intuitive life reading) to guide you into your highest potential for radiant health, relationships, business or any specific life issue you are seeking to improve. Sessions can guide you into a new level of soul confidence, beauty, vitality and love for yourself and your life.

My primary passions:
1) I guide clients into (and often beyond) their positive expectations to feel physically healthier, improve personal or professional relationships and transition from autopilot careers into a more soul fulfilling cash-flow possibility.

2) Creating & leading top Conde Naste resort Soul Retreat Holistic MediumTM events. I specialize in vortex group work to allow the most personal transformation possible for all participants.  

3) I am a passionate teacher and an active global leader of consciousness and guiding everyone into the benefits of conscious living & soul commerce.
I specialize in:
Cancer/Illness Recovery- guiding clients from stage 1-4 (or some deemed terminal still here today) in all aspects of pain relief, counter balancing affects of chemo, emotional/mental support and rebuilding the body, lifestyle post remission.

2)    Conscious Business & Soul Path transition- guiding every business challenge from corporate burnouts to downsizing, expansion and transition into a new field.  

3)    Conscious Relationship & Fertility - Experienced with dating, conscious divorce, all sexual dysfunctions, alternative lifestyles, clearing blockages affecting fertility and most importantly being happy and in love with yourself!

4)    Soul Retreat Experience - For almost the last decade I have been organizing, creating and leading group retreats at top vortex destinations around the world to give everyone an in depth opportunity to create lasting life change they are seeking. More on my Soul Retreats page @ www.intuitivelifestyleexpert.com

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