Are You Ready to Let Go of Your Ex?

Are You Ready to Let Go of Your Ex?

Obsessing over your EX? Try this 5 step process to send your memories packing.

“I hate him.”

“I love him.”
“I can’t get him out of my head.”
“I want to move on but he is in my mind night and day.”
“Maybe he is the one and I should wait until he changes his mind.”

Is this your inner dialogue?

Why is it so excruciating to move on after a relationship ends? How do you know it is time to move on?  What if it really isn’t over?  What is this is the love of your life and you are blowing it. When will your relationship sabotage end?

In my case, a whirlwind romance with a highly attractive man caused me to morph into a mindless I-must-have-him-no-matter-what machine. I thought about him constantly and while he showed great interest in me at first….special emphasis on ‘at first’, things deteriorated way before I was ready.

I couldn’t stop looking at my phone, checking to make sure it was on and cherishing the messages he left me.  I printed the late night Instant Messages, rearranged my life to suit his schedule….I know I don’t need to go on!

Even though the fiery chemistry that happened in the beginning started to fizzle out after 2 or 3 months, I refused to acknowledge the truth.  My love saboteur was firmly in control

Then, he disappeared. Gone.

The first couple of weeks, I held out hope that he would miss me so desperately that he would call, beg forgiveness and sweep me off my feet again.  

Two more weeks and I was ready to be done with him but I kept wondering what I had done wrong. Wasn’t it real? The chemistry was real, wasn’t it?  Miserable, I limped through my days unable to keep my mind off of him.

After two months of moping, whining and crying, I got tired of myself.  I was sick and tired of being sick and tired and set out to change my mindset. The techniques I used have now become a tried and true system for saying goodbye to that ghost lover (my term for the man who left and the dream of what might have developed with him). Follow these steps and you will get yourself back into the driver’s seat. Good Luck! I know you can do this!!

How To Move On From Broken Love :

Key #1 Face The Facts

Ok, this is no fun, but facing the fact that you are hooked on this guy is the first and most important step. Yes, you feel foolish. No, you don’t want to give up on him. But how are you feeling? Empowered? Strong? Probably not.

Look in the mirror and tell yourself, “I do love him. He doesn’t want to be with me right now. This really hurts and I hate it! I want to learn to let him go. I want to think about what I want to think about and not about him. I’m worth it.” If you tell yourself these facts (you can use mine if you can’t think of your own) every day for a week, you will stop your sabotage and empower yourself for the next steps.

Key #2 Embrace Your Adorable Self

That was then and this is now. Face it, you aren’t the only woman to have experienced this heart ache. Be gentle with yourself. You are doing the best you can. As you look back to the beginnings of this relationship, let yourself remember how good it felt.

If he wasn’t the one, those same good feelings are out there for you with a new guy. Embracing the you that fell for him rather than criticizing yourself for what you perceive as a mistake will build yourself esteem and equip you for the next step.

Key #3 The Him or Better Box

Now is when this gets fun. Every thought that you think about him has emotional energy attached to it. Some is positive, some is negative. The energy used to think these thoughts uses creative energy you could be investing in other parts of your life….your art, your career, your friendships, etc.

There is a way to reclaim and re-use this energy and your imagination is the gateway. We are going to create an imaginary “Him or Better Box”. It is best to name the box specifically, so use the name of your Ex instead of Him. Close your eyes and imagine a box about the size of a recipe file.

It may show up in color, if not, make it any color you please. Let your imagination fill in the details.  Decorate it with any ribbons, jewels or symbols that might appear. If yours is a plain white box…that is ok, too. There is no right or wrong. Your goal is to ‘capture’ the thoughts about him and to place them in the box.

The reason we call it a “Mr. Ex or Better Box” is so that if he does come back, you are banking all of this energy toward reconnecting with him then. (Use your exes name) After all, he is not in your life right now anyway so why waste time and energy thinking about him now. The ‘or Better’ just says to the Universe and to you that you are banking on the new love in your life and that you are stockpiling the emotional energy for Him.

Key #4 Capturing Those Pesky Thoughts.
Melting your self sabotage patterns by learning to capture and control your thoughts is critical.  One, you have your own personal evidence that that you can direct your own thinking. Two, you immediately reclaim the energy for your own life and are free to assign it to where you want it to go.

It may seem daunting to control your thoughts about him…believe me I have been there! That is why it is good to start slow and practice. The moment you are aware that you are thinking about him, STOP, acknowledge the thought for a moment, then in your minds eye, place a bubble around it and put it into your box.

At first, you may only get three thoughts a day into the box but hang in there. This stuff really works. Remember…it is a Mr. Ex or Better Box…it begins to feel really good to bank these thoughts for what’s ahead and you are prepared whether he comes back or not! If this is difficult for you to imagine, get a real box and some small pieces of paper. Name your box and then write out the thought you are having and place it in the box. Either way, this technique is guaranteed.

The first week you will be amazed at how many thoughts go into the box. By the third week, you will notice a difference in the frequency of the thoughts and also by the change in your mood and perspective. You will be feeling much better at this point and ready for the final step.

Key#5 Writing the New Script

Now you are feeling stronger and more in control. You are more balanced emotionally and have some degree of objectivity. Now, get a piece of paper and write out five to ten things about your previous relationship that were not working for you on the left side of the paper, the more ideas you can come up with, the better. For example:

He didn’t like to see movies.
He wasn’t as affectionate as I wanted.
He didn’t call when he said he would.
He hated to dance.

On the right side of the paper, create a list of the attributes of your ideal partner based on what it was about the ghost lover that disappointed you.

For Example:
He didn’t like to see movies becomes He loves to see films of all types at least once a week.
He wasn’t as affectionate as I wanted becomes He holds my hand where ever we go and hugs me frequently.
He didn’t call when he said he would becomes He is very responsible and calls when he says he will.

You get the idea. Now, go back over the list and cross out each of the items on the left with gusto. By time you follow through with the fifth key, you are well on your way to leaving your former love behind. Yes, you may think of him occasionally and yes it will still hurt. However, reviewing these lists will confirm to you the benefit of moving on.

As your thoughts about him get less and less frequent you will not only feel better, you will be amazed at how much energy you have to invest in the rest of your life. You will get more done and experience more joy than you have in months.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you would then meet Mr. Right and never have to detach again? Ha! As you continue to enter into future casual and intimate relationships, there will always be challenges to keeping your thoughts under control but…and this is a big but (bigger than him!) don't despair! Each time you go through these 5 Keys, it will get easier and easier for you to see clearly what it is you do and don’t want in a partner.

No one knows what is best for you than you do. Learning to hear from and trust your own intuition will light the way for your future.  Following these steps will make it less likely you will sabotage your next relationship. Letting go of your Ex can be done and will help you clarify what it is you DO want in your forever man!

What if you could wash your Ex right out of your mind? Wishful thinking? No. The very best thing you can do is to detox your body and mind. Because of current brain research, you can now walk through your breakup healing with a step by step plan.
As I found out when I recovered from my divorce, there really is a bit of sweetness in every breakup. You are amazing and deserve to be free to try love again. Maybe a bit of Breakup Candy will inspire you too.

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