Is It Synchronicity Or Psychosis? How To Tell The Difference

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What Is Synchronicity And Psychosis? How To Tell The Difference

Have you been seeing synchronicity numbers or experiencing various synchronicities?

It can feel like you’re losing your mind and, perhaps, even developing some kind of psychosis.

Rest assured, experiencing synchronicities is a very common phenomenon — even more so than you may think!

What is psychosis and how is it different from synchronicity?

According to the National Institute Of Mental Health, the word "psychosis" is used to describe conditions that affect the mind, where there has been some loss of contact with reality.

When someone becomes ill in this way, it's called a psychotic episode.

The only way to tell if you’ve lost contact with reality in a detrimental way is to see whether you've gotten to a place that's no longer positive, healthy, or aligned with your own values.

Obviously, if you're unable to function or find yourself harming someone or yourself, you need to check in with medical professionals. 

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What is synchronicity and what are the signs to look for?

Synchronicity signs include seeing repeating number patterns. For example, 11:11, 2:22, 4:44, etc. Or any time prompt like 5:52 that you’ve been seeing lately because it appeared in a dream that had significance to you.

Everyone receives different signs depending on what you're open to. The moment you begin to slow down long enough to recognize synchronicity is happening, you'll notice your own signs.

"Someone" is trying to get your attention.

Other common signs include seeing feathers, birds, or dimes. You may also have noticed candles or lights flickering during a moment that feels synchronistic, where circumstances might be giving you pause.

In that little space between moments is a place you can connect with the Spirit.

Synchronicities can also show up when a song starts playing and you notice the lyrics seem to be speaking to your heart, telling you what you need to hear or resonating with what you’re currently feeling.

It may feel like some kind of mysterious divine timing. There's a sense of awe that causes you to slow down, and wonder, "Is there something more here?"

When Life Hits You Hard

When you’ve been hit with something difficult either emotionally, mentally, or physically — a serious accident, a loss, or a major personal crisis — there’s a good chance you’ll be experiencing synchronicities.

When life has blind-sided you, your soul is looking for deeper answers to make sense of the world.

Being open and curious can also lead you to experience synchronicities where "things are not as they appear."

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How do synchronicities begin, end, and start again?

When I was 6 years old, I was playing with my older brothers and cousins at their home on a cliff overlooking the water.

I was being teased to take a "fun" ride on my cousin’s bicycle down a slope by the side of the house.

I took a turn and, unfortunately, my little hands couldn’t reach the brakes and as I gained speed. I kept going right over the cliff.

A tree growing from the cliffside caught my fall and stopped me from dropping another 40 feet to the rocky ground below. Apparently, that tree saved my life.

The last thing I remember was the thought, "I am not going to survive." But I didn’t feel afraid. It was more like, "what will be will be," a calming force I suspect now was close by.

I was in the hospital for a few days with a broken jaw and couldn't recognize myself in the mirror when I got back home. I started crying. My face was so badly swollen and bruised!

I couldn’t see myself on the outside and something energetically had shifted inside.

Turns out, it's very common for those who have a near-death experience, a close call, or life trauma for their energy body to experience new spiritual realities, including synchronicity.

People commonly report having psychic abilities to see, hear, and sense beyond the physical. This opens up a channel or circuit to experience synchronicities regularly.

After the accident, I began noticing 11:11 appearing on my digital clock radio — unusually often. My logical mind rationalized it with, "Oh, that’s the time all 4 numbers are the same!"

I was also having an indescribable sense of waking up and feeling like the space was in a different orientation yet nothing physical in the room had changed.

One day my sister and I were playing a board game and I blurted out, "Oh, the room just switched the other way around," assuming she would just say, "Yep."

Instead, she gave me the most puzzling look, asking, "What are you talking about? The room is exactly the same!"

As the years passed, I stopped noticing 11:11 and the room never switched again.

Is it synchronicity or psychosis?

I began to realize how much of my life was following expectations and what I thought I should be doing instead of listening to my own inner voice. I inherited beliefs I thought were mine but hadn't questioned them.

Unexamined thoughts can make you feel like you're losing your mind.

When you're being led from your past identity because you've done your inner work and are living more aligned based on what's true for you, a deeper part of you is paying attention and tuning in.

That’s when synchronicities can begin showing up big time. For me, it was birds, turtles, butterflies, and ladybugs. Moments that all feel remarkable or unexpected.

On two separate occasions, a turtle swam up to me and looked me straight in the eye! Animals have a lot of meaning that our spiritual guides use to give us messages.

Then the 11:11 time prompts began appearing in the wildest ways that felt like maybe I was actually losing my mind. Everywhere I turned, and only when I was not looking for it, 11:11 was showing up.

I finally felt compelled to Google it, and I was thinking, "Are you crazy? What could you possibly find on the internet about 11:11?" That was a decade ago.

Millions of people were seeing 11:11 back then and it’s increased tenfold since. It's not a psychosis but a phenomenon of waking up to your own sense of Spirit.

We are not alone in the Universe.

We are made up of a mind, body, soul, and spirit. It’s a journey only you can discover through your own experience of getting to know your spiritual nature.

Synchronicities are really "first-level" contact that can be from your inner spirit (your God fragment) or your spirit guides. Your guide uses whatever ways they can to communicate with you, but whether or not you notice depends on your mind’s library.

If you think seeing Cardinals could be a sign of a loved one, you have formed that connection in your mind.

Are coincidences also happening? It depends on how you look at it.

Everything that’s happening is part of your life experience that you get to choose their meaning. Your experience of life is what shows you reality.

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Carolyn Hidalgo is a Soul Coach who helps clients awaken to their soul, and work from the inside out to create their ideal life in all areas. Aligning the mind, body, and soul opens the path to follow what's true to themselves without judgment. Pick up her free spiritual guide on her website.