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About Carolyn Hidalgo

Carolyn is an executive soul coach guiding leaders through relationship challenges using a spiritual foundation of soul growth for their highest sense of meaning, joy and fulfillment. 

Her clients overcome existing obstacles to experience a profound sense of authenticity, serenity, natural flow, purpose, and creativity – the vital ingredients for leadership success. 

Through the implementaion of consisent practices, including a spiritual morning routine, and awakening to a deeper understand of self, Carolyn facilitates the shift to living from the inside out where life moves more naturally.

Her Story:

Before embracing her calling as a certified life coach, Carolyn spent a decade as a chartered accountant in the corporate world. Her journey took a turn after becoming a mother to three children while married to a financial executive. When their career paths began to diverge, she strived to maintain a balance between work and family life, and found herself on a deep dive into spirituality.

Carolyn began noticing all kinds of "signs" including the mystical sign prompt 11:11, and began experiencing synchronicities that left her in awe. Her desires began manifesting as she aligned with her inner Spirit and could apply the principles of the law of attraction at the soul level.

Recognizing the importance of understanding ourselves spiritually and our interconnectedness with a larger whole, Carolyn realized the necessity of adopting a "mind-body-soul-spirit" approach to every facet of life. By harmonizing science and spirituality, she elevated the quality of her relationships, health, and personal success, which continues to create miracles and help navigate life's inevitable challenges in both her personal and professional life.

Carolyn's greatest joy and privilege lie in guiding her clients to lead lives true to their inner spirits. Witnessing them shatter deeply ingrained barriers to achieve their dreams is a source of pure joy.

Her Official Bio:

Carolyn is currently writing her first book, a transformative journey that explores living judgment-free through the discovery of one's soul through the phenomenon of the 11:11 doorway.

She is an alumna of the Coaches Training Institute, a former Chartered Accountant, and holds a specialization in cognitive psychology with a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Toronto.

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