Anger Management

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6-10 years


Toronto ON L6H 0G1 - Canada



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Author, Family Coach, Life Coach, Personal Development Coach, Wellness Coach

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All areas, please inquire



I Believe

When we practice not judging someone, we experience what it means to love unconditionally: having the freedom to BE YOU with me.

About Carolyn Hidalgo

Carolyn is a spiritual life coach who works with clients on the healing, and transformation of their relationships to help create authentic connections that meet their needs, and fill their soul.  She applies a model of living judgment-free.

Her practices allow clients to overcome any guilt or shame, achieve forgiveness, and navigate conflict in healthier ways with positive lasting changes.

Clients report feeling less stress, more freedom, and deeper trust in their personal relationships.

Her Story

When her 3 children (twin girls, and a son) were pre-schoolers, Carolyn joined a small group of women led by a life coach. It was a judgment-free space where anything could be shared safely. When there is no fear of criticism or judgment, frustrations, questions, and life challenges could be easily shared.

It was an eye-opening journey, and the beginning of her own self-examination for what most mattered to her.

As she began living true to her own values, it meant speaking up authentically regardless of what others thought. That’s when judgment showed up for the first time with a few long time friends. 

It felt like a series of painful betrayals that ended those friendships, and opened up others. It also sparked a deep dive into researching, and writing about what it really means to judge someone.

In a nutshell, when judging becomes putting someone down in destructive ways (eg. ridiculing, attacking, verbally abusing, stone-walling) where you are attached to your right to make someone else wrong. TRUST fades -  the essential quality to a healthy, happy relationship. 

Love cannot survive or grow when someone doesn't have your back in the same way you have theirs.

Judging someone involves a controlling or condemning energy that needs to be released. We recognize this as "my way or the highway".

It turns out judging someone is very misunderstood.

It’s devastating to your spiritual health because when you condemn anyone, you end up punishing yourself. It blocks your ability to create soul-filled joyful connections.

Walls go up, and authenticity breaks down.

Its our spiritual health that drives our mental, physical, and emotional well being.

Her Official Bio

Carolyn's been published alongside best-selling authors including Brian Tracy, and Marci Shimoff in 2 books on manifesting what you want, and life transformation. Currently, she is writing her first book: Live the Love You Deserve: Imagine a Judgment-Free World. 

She's a graduate of the Coaches Training Institute, and completed a specialist in cognitive psychology with a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Toronto.

Recently Carolyn was selected as a “2016 Executive coach of the year for Canada” by Acquisition International for her “innovative, and dynamic approach” to coaching using a judgment-free mindset.


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