Recovery From Divorce Using Feng Shui To Attract Love


Look at your the far right corner of your home. That is your love and relationship area.

Look at your back right corner, the far right corner of your home. Also go into each room and look at the far right corner in each of the rooms from the door entrance.  That is your love and relationship area.

Before we talk about love and a new relationship, let’s just take a few minutes to talk about the old relationship.

If you want to have a little bit better mutual understanding with your ex, put something in that area like an affirmation. Write down on a piece of paper that you are focused on a mutually supportive relationship and that everybody is going to be respectful to each other, including the children.

Make sure those rooms in those areas are uncluttered. Again, it’s the far right corner of the entire house. It could be part of the living room. It could be in the bathroom. It could be in a bedroom. In your bedroom and the other rooms if there is clutter in those areas, you’re going to probably end up having clutter in the relationships that you’re having right now.

If you’re looking for love and you’re ready to invite a new equal relationship, equal level relationship, address your bedroom first.  You want to have both sides of the bed being equal so that if somebody is sharing that relationship with you, they are welcome in that space and there’s room for them in your space.

Leave a little bit of your closet open. Reduce the clutter in the closet so that if somebody did come and spend a weekend with you, or did come and move in down the line, you’re looking as if you have room for them. Be aware that a whole a lot of pillows on the bed and stuffed animals or dolls is taking up the space that a real person would be taking up.

Also the number two is the number to represent a couple or a pair. So, in the back right corner of your bedroom or say it’s a family room or whatever, place a pair of something, an equal pair of something, since you want an equal relationship. Say a pair of candlesticks and the colors that represent love and romance in feng shui are red, pink and white. So you could have a couple of pink candlesticks or pink candles in the candleholders. You can have a couple of red stones, everybody likes crystals. You can have a statue of a pair of birds.  Anything that’s going to represent that pair, that coupling, that connection with each other.

You can put pictures of pairs like two beautiful butterflies flying together. Think of things that relate to a connection with love and relationships.  Think of sensuous art for your bedroom. You can have a couple entwined in a statue. You may have a statue of something that represents love and marriage but make sure that it doesn’t have a connection to another relationship.

Always think of having the intention that the perfect new relationship is on its way.