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About Micaela Passeri

Born and raised in Florence, Italy, and growing up with the likes of the Guccis, Ferragamos and Antinoris, Micaela Bubola Passeri was immersed in love, fashion and style since her early teens. She attributes her Sacred Heart Catholic school upbringing for planting the seed for what she calls today Rivoluzione d'Amore “The Love Revolution”. Her studies of the ancient Greek Poets, like Saffo, who lived, breathed and wrote Love and who vehemently stood behind the delivery of unconditional love was a great lesson for making authentic connections. It obviously had a profound effect on her creativity. She knew she had a connection to Love, but did not know what to do with it just yet. So she dove into her love for fashion and when most 17 year olds were learning to drive, Micaela was in her room designing her own designer dress for the first time. In college she studied International Business, but upon receiving her degree she was back to designing. Today, she’s the world’s first Inspirational Italian Fashion Designer and Love expert, Micaela finally found her way of expressing the connection she felt with Love and her love for fashion at a young age by designing her exclusive line, Bubola, Love inspired clothes with which she spreads her message, Love. Micaela also specializes in creating wearable art on clothes for businesses and entrepreneurs in order for them to stay connected and remain memorable with their clients. She has a creative and unique approach to capturing and exposing your message in the market place. It is branding on a deeper level. Bubola was inspired by the desire to create something that would uplift and empower women, children and men to connect with their truth and live in the experience of Love always. Positive words can affect our inner and outer being; wearing Bubola creates a healthy, balanced and peaceful wellness from the inside out! Love Who You Are, Love What You Wear, Love Other People Through the Clothes You Wear! www.bubola.com, www.amoreretreats.com, www.mesageinstyle.com, email love@bubola.com or call 424-245-0428. Because Love is her message, people started coming to her for relationship and personal advice and so the journey to support people from the inside out began! Micaela uses her clothes as a tool for grounding, connection and clearing when she works one-on-one with people. She uses the clothes to connect people to the way they are "being" and bringing it back to what they really want to create. Many people have benefited from Micaela's unique way of navigating through relationships and have come back to her again and again for advice. ABOUT BUBOLA: When you are adorned in Bubola it will uplift & inspire you. When Micaela Passeri designed the line she wanted women, men and children to connect with their truth and live in the experience of Love always. Positive words can affect our inner and outer being; wearing Bubola creates a healthy, balanced and peaceful wellness from the inside out! Micaela understands the power of words & her clothes offer only positive messages. It takes a bold, free-spirited individual to say “I Love Who I Am”. But studies show that when you love yourself you can freely give love to others. We’ve all heard the lyrics “What the world needs know is love sweet love…” It’s time we take a stance & live from the inside /out. Love Who You Are, Love What You Wear, Love Other People Through the Clothes You Wear! With a vision to invoke a healthy, balanced and peaceful lifestyle through wearable art, Micaela knows how the words you wear can change your life, they did hers. Go to www.bubola.com for more information and to view the full Bubola Love line. ABOUT CUSTOM DESIGNING: For entrepreneurs & businesses that want to have a massive impact, she also creates custom designed Fashion Tee’s. In today’s market place, it’s a brilliant way to stay connected and remain memorable with your clients. She has a creative and unique approach for business owners to capture more clients with their vision and mission implanted with style. She’s taking branding and marketing to a whole new level. Go to www.messageinstyle.com for more information about packages and services. MORE: Micaela Passeri also leads custom boutique tours to her hometown in Florence, Italy in an effort to share her passion for her heritage, centuries of culture and her Love of Fashion and Style. She is the Italian Travel & Style Expert for Travel Talk, a show on KSRO AM radio station in Sonoma County, California and has been interviewed on many other radio shows. When you look at Micaela Passeri’s life she exemplifies the power of following your heart.  www.AmoreRetreats.com

Micaela Passeri Success Stories

Complementary flattery

Single women

"I'm a huge fan of Bubola Love clothes especially the pants! Every time I wear my black Yoga pants or white "Love" sweats I ALWAYS get compliments.more

In my opinion, every girl, at minimum, needs a pair of the black Yoga pants! They are SUPER flattering, SO comfortable, and look GREAT on all body types! And you don’t need to wear them for Yoga, you can wear them anywhere!"

With love -
Diane Polnow, Entreprenuer

Loving Myself

Single women

"BubolaLove was an opportunity for me to tap into my inner “Fashionista” and connecting to loving myself more deeply. I own several pieces of the line & women as well as a few good men have given me the most wonderful compliments. If there ever was a time where we needed to be surrounded with positive messages & relentless optimism. Now is the Time…"more

Actress/Author/Beauty Empowerment Coach
Ungenita Prevost

Style from the Heart.

Single women

"Thank you Micaela for your Bubola designs. They are so beautiful. I love the fit of my jogging outfits. The quality is so nice and soft. The pants make my bottom look really good too. I feel that Bubola, with your Italian touch which is so refreshing and new along with your great heart for giving to the needs of others, makes you a very special individual. Micaela, I love all of your clothes and speaking as a fashion designer. I do love style and you have it. Looking forward to more awesome designs from you Micaela." more

Van Jewell, CEO/Fashion Designer
Smooch Inc.

Reinvention is key to success.

Women in complicated relationships

"I had the honor to meet Micaela through a leadership course I attended . She was one of the four coaches who chose to empower our team in achieving our goals and making a difference in the community. Micaela has an amazing ability to connect with people and follows through on her tasks that supported me in achieving my goals. She was very persistant and consistant with her coaching. She kept on reinventing herself to help on serving me the highest potential level of coaching . She was unstoppable. I remember very vividly calling her one time because i was stuck in my history that was not enabling me to achieve the next step for me. Her energy and her belief in me achieving it was enough to get me unstuck and get the ball rolling again. I enjoyed working with her. She is a well rounded person that had the chance to live in different countries that supported her in coaching me and many others from different backgrounds and religious believes."more

Teacher and mother

I Love Who I Am!

Women starting over

Testimonial from Christina Forrester, CEO of e-squared productions:more

I received one of Micaela's Bubola Love shirts as a gift after meeting her at An Empowered Woman. I thought the design was really cute and the shirt was stylish, so one day when heading out for some meetings I decided to try it on. I thought it looked good, but then started feeling a bit "intimidated" to wear a shirt with the message saying "I love who I am." I struggled with embarrassment and worry that people would think I was stuck-up and all sorts of other uncomfortable feelings. But as I was still getting ready for the day it hit me - that 'inner voice' - "Why do you feel uncomfortable wearing a shirt about love? About accepting and loving yourself?" So I sat down to analyze this for a moment and realized a whole lot more was going on in my head and heart than embarrassment...

See, I am in recovery from a very painful divorce and was a victim of a huge betrayal from the "love of my life." My self-esteem was pretty tarnished and still hasn't recovered fully. So this shirt challenged me to be willing to make quite a bold statement! And through it I was challenged to look deeper and wear it not with an "uppity pride" but with confidence and security...and love for myself. So I wore it all day and pushed passed all those feelings! One of my favorite scriptures is, "Love your neighbor as yourself (Matt. 22: 39)." But if you don't love yourself....how can you love your neighbor?

Christina Forrester
e-squared productions
1-888-405-6870 ext. 3
Cell: 480-529-4493
'The social media & online marketing
experts you can count on!'

Function and Sexiness do go together!

Single women

"My darling Micaela, your shirt was a hit...I wore it twice already this week (shhhh, don't tell):) It is a perfect blend of function and sexiness but I wouldn't expect anything less from your line. I need to add more of your pieces to my closet and I will be sending some people your way so they can get their own Bubola original instead of eyeing mine".more

Linda Okwor
Fitness and Nutrition Expert
Be Well, Live Well

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