3 Steps To Letting Go Of A Relationship That Is Not Working

Find yourself fighting all the time with your partner? Having different opinions on topics that matter to you? Not getting the attention you crave an deserve? Cheated on? Do you not communicate well with each other?

Well, we could go on and on, but you get the gist. You know if your relationship is not working deep down inside. So how do you let it go so you can make room for the relationship you want and is meant for you to have?

There are 3 simple steps you can start with that will help you in the process and allow you to feel good about your decision;

1) Acknowledge the relationship. First acknowledge where the relationship is in that moment and then acknowledge all of the wonderful moments and experiences you had. It is important to see and remember that the relationship was wonderful and that now it served its course. If we don't acknowledge this, we might risk feeling we wasted time and energy on something that will be no longer, but when we underline all of the good things that happened and came out of it, we remain confident and whole that we are making the right decision and moving on to bigger and better things.

2) Be grateful for the time together. Every person who is in your life now and has been, has been there for a reason. Sometimes to support, sometimes to teach and sometimes to be a bridge to the next. Whatever the reason, you would have not grown, advanced, learned, laughed, cried, expanded, loved, and so on without them, so silently bless them and tell them thank you for everything. This helps with allowing yourself to start grieving and opening yourself up for what is next.

3) End the relationship. Take action to move on and end the non serving relationship from a grounded and open space, so no matter what the terms are you rest in knowing you did the right thing. If you have not already done so, tell the person face to face how you feel and your experience of the relationship so you may both have clarity, closure and peace. Here you are now ready to put the past behind and venture out into the world again with joy and ease.

These steps are crucial in allowing oneself to move past the past and into the new present possibilities for new, better, happier, love filled relationships. Sometimes we think we have to hold on, but our mind plays silly tricks on us and gives us reasons that really make no sense most of the time and keep us prisoners in our heart and mind. We do not need to hold on and as we let go, we are free again.