Ciao, Baby! 5 Ways To Dress (And Love) Italian Style

How love Italian style!

Italian girl dancing

Even though love is universal and we all know how to do it, we don't all love in the same way nor do we behave the same way in relationships.

Since I'm Italian, I'm here to let you in on a couple of self love and love secrets we Italian ladies have been keeping ... with style of course! One of the most amazing things about Italians in general is that we love ourselves first and foremost, and we start by putting emphasis on the way we present ourselves in public. Not in a conceded way, but in a, I want to feel good about myself through the way I dress and carry myself way. Italian women in particular take pride in the way they look. And instead of completely fitting in, they try to stand out as they are fitting in. Does that make sense?


So the first step to love yourself! You can't love someone else unless you love yourself first. And that means respecting yourself in relationships, speaking up for yourself and not compromising yourself for empty promises, inauthentic declarations or even sex. Italian women are very good at that. We are strong willed, know what they want and go for it. And we definitely know how to speak up—with passion!

Which brings me to the second romantic secret Italians have: how connected we are to our passion and our ability to express it, which enables us to be the passionate, connected, loving lovers we are known to be.


Loving the Italian way is different (and maybe even a little complicated), but the biggest takeaway here it is to connect to your passion and stand for what you want in life.

And now my top five feel-good Italian style and fashion tips:

1. Rock your denim.
A wardrobe staple of the ages, jeans are a must for Le Italiane. A good pair of jeans—or several!—is usually worn in and weathered (or at least looks like it). The fit should contours the body and become one with it. Believe it or not, Italians still love Levis!

2. Shoes are EVERYTHING.
An outfit is all about the shoes. Use the walking shoes for walking, tennis shoes for tennis and leave the Italian shoes to the Italian Designers. If Italian women can strut down cobble stone streets in hot 4-inch heels, you can too! It's not be comfortable or practical, but it's fashionable.


3. Don't forget to accessorize!
OK I know I just said that shoes make the outfit, but I have to correct myself: ACCESSORIES make an outfit. Accessories (jewelry, scarves and belts) what makes Italian women look so stylish. Italian women know that a pair of jeans and a t-shirt transforms into a hot look with the additional big bulky necklace and a leather hip belt. Ladies, we must learn to accessorize! And guys, women love it when you gift them accessories. It's like a new toy!

4. Subtlety is sexy.
It's all about the sexiness. Italian women love to look and feel sexy, and we also love the attention it gets us from men. However, it must be done all in good taste. A little skin should show but not too much. Subtlety is the key to sexy.

5. Adapt to current trends. But don't forget to flatter your figure!
Every season brings new trends, looks and ideas, and Italian women change their fashion skin like a snake: by shedding the old look and adapting to the new, trendy look of the moment. Italian women have the uncanny ability to consistantly choose flattering styles. How? By concealing flaws and drawing attention to what people should notice.

Follow these steps and you will connect to your inner Italien passion and love the way you look and feel in no time!


Ciao e a presto!