Is Your Mate An Energy Vampire?

Is Your Mate an Energy Vampire?

My Success Coach says that the people you surround yourself with should be people who have the qualities you aspire to have; so much so that their energy and ways spill over to you. This applies to your partner, mate, honey bun, or whomever you are spending romantic time with.

You want to surround yourself with positive, forward thinking people; people who are moving forward in their lives and are not stagnant; people who make you feel good when you are around them. If you feel good around someone, it’s a good connection. But on the other side, if you feel bad around someone or feel you are sucked dry and exhausted every time you see them, you are keeping company with an “Energy Vampire”.

An energy vampire is someone who is so entrenched in survival, victim conversations and just all around negative thought processes that are not healthy for them and for the people around them. If you know such a person, do them a favor and detach yourself from them. You can still love them, care for them and bless them from a far. Sometimes you need a break so the other person can work out their issues and demons. You want to remove those who are negative because they are holding you back by taking up all your energy and they are holding themselves back because they can’t move forward and shift their energy when they are sucking someone else’s. These people thrive off of drama and create drama in your life as well.

Sound familiar? If your mate displays any of these symptoms, you are in a relationship with an Energy Vampire. If a lot of drama is present in your life, you might very well be an Energy Vampire yourself. If so, please re-read this article a few times and take the appropriate steps to make a shift out of vampireism (I just made that word up) by acknowledging what is not working and choosing what is working in your relationship and life in general.

If you feel this applies to you, congratulations, you are on the right path to shifting as acknowledgment is the first step to recovery. If you feel this applies to your mate, I know it seems a bit harsh and again I am going to repeat this, you can still love, care and support this person, but you have to set boundaries and keep your distance until they have shifted to a positive energy. And this might mean, taking a break from the relationship for a bit while things are getting worked out. To support the person in shifting to a more positive attitude and state, very lovingly have a supportive conversation with them to help them see where they are at and make them take the necessary steps to move forward. Some people will get it and move on fast, others will resist and kick and scream. The latter must be left alone as nothing you say or do will work, they must get there on their own.

In any case, it is a difficult task to take on, but trust me it will serve your life and that of others when you set boundaries and not let any energy vampires in! I made the decision to not have anymore energy vampires in my life 3 years ago and I can tell you my life is so much more enjoyable, so much richer, so much fulfilling because I have said no to drama and energy suckers. And now all I attract in my life are people that forward and enhance my life as I do theirs. What a wonderful exchange!

Along my journey, I have been so fortunate to meet such amazing people and create wonderful relationships. And sometimes you find those kindred spirits you connect to and it's like you are in high school again, talking on the phone every day, advising each other, supporting each other, but most of all holding each other in the power we are.

Appreciating my relationships and friendships, I bless all those who are making their way through the negativity to arrive someday to the light.