10 Signs Your Ex Absolutely, Positively Wants You Back

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A breakup is hard enough as is, but dealing with the mixed messages from an ex after the fact can be even more daunting. There are so many different directions you and your ex can go once you split up — you could stay friends (not recommended if you want to win your ex back), become distant enemies, civilized strangers or even reunite as lovers.

Depending on how your relationship ended, the idea of getting back together may have crossed your ex’s mind.

If you think that you ex wants you back, these are 10 definite signs to look for:

1. You can't figure anything out about their life.

If your ex still likes you, then chances are he or she will avoid dating anyone else… or at least avoid letting you know about it. The reason your ex doesn’t want you to know about their love life could be because they’re afraid of hurting your feelings, or they may worry that it could be the push that gets you back on the dating scene, too.

Simply put, if your ex is trying to keep their dating life “hush hush” then it could be because they secretly want you back.

2. They do things that make you think they miss you.

If your ex is sharing his downer attitude with the world or posting status updates like “My life feels so empty,” or “Wish you were here”  (basically doing everything but straight up saying that they want you back), then guess what — they probably want you back.

Keep an eye out for if he or she posts reminders of the relationship on social media pages. Chances are they’re hoping you'll see them, miss them and want them back, too.

3. They call you for no reason.

If your ex wants you back they’ll call more often than a regular friend. In fact, sometimes they may even call if they have nothing important to say. If you notice that your ex is making up excuses to get you on the phone, then chances are they miss you and want you back.

4. They find ways to still be close to you.

If an ex still likes you they’ll continue to behave in a very warm or flirty manner. If your ex speaks to you in a soft tone or moves in to whisper in your ear then that’s a huge sign that he or she wants you back. You may also find that your ex is touchy with you, or finds opportunities to brush shoulders or go in for a hug.

This isn’t rocket science. They want you back.

5. They like to reminisces about your old relationship.

Exes who have a hard time moving on always talk about feelings with their former partners. If your ex constantly calls you to talk about the old relationship, what went wrong, or how much they loved you then it’s pretty clear that they’re obviously trying to re-ignite the spark and win you back.

6. They talk about how much they’ve changed.

If your ex calls to apologize for the mistakes they made in the relationship, it could be because they’re trying to clear the air between you or their conscious. If however, your ex calls to talk about how things could have been different, to talk about how they’ve changed or to discuss issues from the past, then it’s probably because they want to give the relationship another chance.

7. They always get jealous.

Depending on the extent of your ex's jealousy, it can be frustrating or heart warming to see them act in such a way. For instance, if your ex gets irritated when they see you flirting with someone else that's one thing, but if they get mad anytime you talk to another person, then whoa, it’s time to tell the ex to back off.

Either way, these are signs that he or she isn't over you and probably want you back.

8. You keep running into them everywhere you go.

If you run into your ex everywhere you go or see them in places you normally don't see them and it’s happening every day, then your ex may be keeping tabs on your whereabouts. If this happens simply ask what they’re doing there and the way they respond should tell you all you need to know.

If it’s obvious that they’re only there for you, then guess what? Your ex is trying to get back in your life.

9. They drunk dial you.

Drunk dialing can be funny if it’s a one time innocent affair, but if your ex calls you anytime liquor passes through their lips then this could be a sign that you’re still on their mind and they want you back.

It’s true that booze can help with our inhibitions, but if your ex is calling you to confess their undying love, lust or anger towards you then it’s likely that it’s not just the booze speaking. If they’re pouring their heart out then it’s a pretty clear sign they want you back.

10. They straight up say “I miss you.” 

This is a big one. If your ex opens up to you and tells you that they miss you then ding ding ding, they want you back! If your ex talks about how they miss being with you or spending time with you, or if they express how warmly they feel about your relationship, it’s probably time to start considering if you’d want to get back with your ex.

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