10 Tips To Help You Get Over Your Ex


It's time to let go of the one that got away. Here's how.

Regardless of if you got dumped or cut your man loose, getting over an ex is a bitch. The flood of emotions–sad, angry, frustrated, confused–can seriously derail your daily life. While all may seem lost, we promise it’s not: check out our steps below and you’ll be back on the prowl, or at least back to normal, in no time.

1. Block him on Facebook, Unfollow him on Twitter, Take his blog off your “favorites.” In other words, nix all online connections to him. Constant reminders of what he’s up to will only highlight the fact that he’s moving on without you. And if he posts a pic with his arm around some hottie, it’ll sting like hell.

2. Do not text him. Fear of hearing his voice will probably stop you from calling. But a casual text is all too easy. Since alcohol fuels most drunk texts, give a friend your phone for the night or change his name to “DO NOT CALL!” in your cell for a last minute reminder.

3. Watch what you post online. Posting about an awesome date or how glad you are to be single may feel empowering, but actually makes you look desperate for attention and support. And if you’re secretly hoping that your ex or his friends see your boasting, you’re still very wrapped up in the relationship and have misguided motives.

4. Reconnect with your gal pals. More free time means plenty of opportunity for fun girls-only events.

5. Take him off a pedestal. Even if he seems perfect in hindsight, we guarantee he isn’t. Make a list of the things you dislike about him and allow your friends to chime in … a little bashing can go a long way.

6. Avoid his go-to hangouts. No need to evade his favorite jaunts forever, but playing it safe for a few months is probably a good idea since seeing him certainly won’t help in forgetting him.

7. Get in shape. Exercise is a fantastic way to reduce stress, manage anger and build confidence. Plus, a hot bod will land some attention from potential suitors.

8. Make yourself over. Always wanted to be a blonde or rock a pixie cut? A new look will boost your mood and revive your mindset.

9. Toss anything that reminds you of him. Get all his junk–especially those things associated with memories–out of your place to reduce the reminders that he’s no longer there. If it feels cathartic, make a little bonfire, shred the mixed CDs and tear the hell out of every picture he’s in.

10. Check out another guy. Landing a stud and enjoying a makeout sesh will confirm that you’ve still got it and remind you that you’re a catch.

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