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10 Tips On How To Be A Great Lover

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10 Tips on How to be a Great Lover

1. Talk to your lover about how you feel
(a) Tell your lover what turns you on
(b) Tell your lover what turns you off
(c) Tell your lover that he/she is making a difference in your life
(d) Tell your lover that you love them just the way they are

2. Discover your lover’s erogenous zones
(a) Giving your lover a full body massage
(b) Kissing and caressing your lover’s imperfections
(c) Ask your lover to tell you where his/her erogenous zones are located
(d) Explore every part of your lover’s body lovingly

3. Ask your lover what he/she really wants
(a) Watch your lover’s body language for approval during love-making
(b) Ask your lover during love-making, how it feels
(c) Ask your lover after love-making, how it felt
(d) Ask your lover what you can do to make love even better

4. Make your lover feel appreciated
(a) Kiss your lover when he/she gives you a gift or compliment
(b) Send your lover small gifts or cards for no particular reason
(c) Tell your lover “I love you” at unexpected times
(d) Hold your lover’s hand and show affection in public places

5. Be a considerate lover
(a) Undress your lover before making love
(b) Spend at least fifteen minutes on foreplay
(c) Allow your lover to have an orgasm first
(d) Cuddle your lover after love-making

6. Be an adventurous lover
(a) Change your favorite love-making position at least once a week
(b) Make love in different locations other than the bedroom
(c) Include sexual enhancements such as adult toys and erotic talk
(d) Surprise your lover with unexpected sexual treats and trying new sex positions

7. Be a sensitive lover
(a) Satisfy your lover sexually even when you are not in the mood
(b) Listen to your lover’s problems and comfort him/her in your arms
(c) Refrain from having sex if your lover is not in the mood
(d) Don’t criticize your lover during love-making

8. Be a confident lover
(a) Do try to look your best for your lover
(b) Do compliment your lover in front of others
(c) Do offer to make your lover’s fantasies come true
(d) Do striptease or masturbate in front of your lover

9. Be a creative lover
(a) Have phone sex with your lover
(b) Take your lover shopping to adult toy stores and lingerie shops
(c) Blindfold your lover and tease him/her with your tongue
(d) Role-play with your lover…teacher-student…biker-slut…or master-slave

10. Tell your lover what you want
(a) Share what turns you on sexually and why
(b) Share what turns you off and why
(c) Share 3 wishes that will heighten a sexual experience for you
(d) Share 3 sexual fantasies that you would like to turn into reality