Get Your Ex Back By Not Surrounding Yourself With A**holes


Are your friends adding fuel to your relationship’s fire?

Are your friends adding fuel to your relationship’s fire? By that I mean, are your friends truly supporting you in your time of need? When your heart hurts, do you have friends that will console you to make you feel as whole as possible? These friends will understand that all of us go through ugly times, but that life ‘s experiences are made to challenge us and grow from. God bless those types of friends and the more of them the luckier you are. Treat them like the jewels that they are. Why Would Anyone Want Their Ex Back?

Now, the second types of friends are supportive, but only to a degree. They too want to be on your emotional speed-dial in case of an emotional emergency. They mean well but frankly, all they want to do is “talk crap”. These are just the type of friends that you don’t need when you and you significant other are at a crossroads. Them bashing the other person, you so deeply love, can be inadvertently polarizing and isolating.

The incessant comments like, “There are other fish in the sea” or “Let’s go out and get drunk to forget him/her” don’t help with the solution finding or healing process. These types of comments create a negative atmosphere that hoover over you like a room full of stale cigarette smoke.

If you want your ex back, this type of behavior can be extremely distracting. Your friends seem to be more personally invested in what your ex did wrong than you are. You can and are willing to forgive your ex and move forward but they can’t. Now an uncomfortable situation has been created. Your friends have been talking trash about your ex and your ex knows it. Can you say stressful?

This is why you have to be careful about which friends you share your inner most relationship problems with. Friends aren’t all-purpose like flour. Know which ones are truly supportive and want what you want. If you’re happy then they are happy. Their positivity and genuine love for you will be much more supportive and will allow you to navigate getting back with you ex with ease, comfort and the support that you deserve.

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