Think Guys Don't Care About Clothes? Think Again

It might surprise you to learn how much men care about your style.

Dating Tips: Dress To Attract Men

I've worked for years as a matchmaker and an expert on dating and relationships, and through my experience, there's one piece of consistent feedback I've received from men time and time again. Are you ready to hear what men truly want in a date?

Simple Answer: A Trendy Woman
Contrary to popular belief, men pay a little attention to current style and fashion trends. While they might not adopt any recent trends into their own wardrobe (or, they might reject fashion completely and let mom do their clothes shopping), they do care about the style of the woman on their arm.


Even though men don't wear many accessories, a well put-together woman is the ultimate accessory in a man's eyes. When you look classy yet hip, you flatter yourself and your date. When you're in line with the latest fashion, men tend to think you look young and current instead of old and out-of-touch — even if they don't necessarily understand the reasoning behind the trends.

The Shortcut To Style
The sure-fire way to look like a young, modern woman is to thoughtfully pick out one trendy item to incorporate into your wardrobe. Lots of trends are short-lived and misguided, so be careful while you're shopping. Pick something that isn't over-the-top and will still look good on you when the fad dies in few months. A bold necklace or bright, flirty shoes will always accent your outfit without making you look like a mindless trend-chaser. Also, guys have told me repeatedly that a stylish handbag makes any woman look sharp.


Be Picky
When you hit the mall or your favorite shops, be selective and particular about what you decide to bring home. The worst part about trends is that they take over every branch of the fashion world, from the cheapest stores to the snobbiest boutiques. Don't buy anything that's poorly made; when your statement piece looks cheap, you look cheap. And you definitely won't look like you know what you're doing in the style department.  Likewise, don't pair an extremely expensive trendy item with a regular old outfit. Remember: expensive doesn't equal stylish. Keep your wardrobe classy with high-quality pieces that flatter your personal style, shape and budget.

Don't Dress Just For Him
Now that you know what men want in a woman, don't take it overboard, and don't ditch your own innate fashion sense with the intention of becoming attractive to men. Express your own personal style in a way that's up-to-date with the latest fashion. Dress in a way that reflects your personality and taste — just make sure you add some punch to it with a few on-trend additions. Don't ditch all your favorite pieces for clothes you saw on the catwalk or you'll end up looking like you're trying way too hard. Not attractive. Looking too much like a slave to fashion will make you seem a lot older than you are. You don't need to turn into a style-mag monster to show a guy that you're contemporary and hip. If you're comfortable in your outfit, you'll project confidence and radiance, which guys will definitely notice.

Men are more in tune with the latest style than you might think! They'll appreciate your polished and professional look. Keep a sharp eye and a judicious fashion sense, and you're sure to catch the eye of a guy who's impressed by a modern, composed and elegant woman.

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