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From a young age, I was told I was a natural at giving advice on dating and relationships. When I was 12, I found my passion for horoscopes and dating. I studied these topics as much as I could and all my friends turned to me for advice. Following high school, I continued my education at an Engineering college in St. Petersburg but dating and relationships remained my largest interest. I moved to America in 1992 with my seven-year-old son because of a bet that I couldn’t put my son in the best school within five years of moving to the states.

My friend dared me to stay and provide my son, Yuri, with greater opportunity for education here in America. I took the bet head on and moved right away. Four years later, I started my own successful business and put Yuri in the best private school in the country, St. Albans. After a few years, I sold the company and continued buying and selling real estate and local businesses until my passion drove me to become the dating expert, dating and relationship coach, author and founder of Nouveau Dating, that I am today. I strive to be successful and balanced in all aspects of my life and want to help you do the same. My mission is to help lonely singles find love and great relationships.

My expertise comes from my own dating history and success of finding love and from running the largest dating service in Colorado. While running the company, I found my true passion for helping people find love. While running It’s Just Lunch I analyzed over 6,000 people dating and found out what really works and what really doesn’t.

After selling It’s Just Lunch I continued to coach clients privately and founded Nouveau Dating. Where we work everyday to provide you with articles and video on all the new dating tips and advice out there. Along with the new, part of me is old-fashioned. Which leads to another passion, horoscope analysis and matches.

Although many people study and follow horoscopes, the Chinese zodiac is often ignored. The combination of the two is what will make all the difference in finding and pleasing your mate. In relationships, spark and chemistry come from the Chinese Zodiac but your values, which have the lasting affect on your relationship, come from your monthly horoscope.

I beleive that Love is Everywhere and I'm here to help you see it.

Go to Nouveau Dating for more great tips and advice! I'm always happy to help so email me at anna@nouveaudating.com with any questions.



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