Tips For Getting Back In The Saddle After A Breakup


Recently suffered a breakup? Keep these things in mind and you'll be on your way to healing.

There’s no easy cure for a broken heart. The dissolution of romantic relationships is responsible for a wide variety of emotional and physiological issues in men and women around the world. Regardless of how or why these breakups occurred, the results are typically quite similar — an overwhelming sense of desolation and ‘finality’ that is very hard to shake. Individuals must make a choice following a breakup whether to continue to pursue new relationships or swear off love entirely, and an overwhelming majority chooses the former. It’s not easy to jump “back in the saddle” on the heels of a tumultuous breakup, but some people seem to have an easier go at it than others. So, how do they make it happen?

While, obviously, there’s no guarantee that these particular methods will work for everyone, these will prove to be valuable tips for those who have absolutely no idea how to go about repairing the emotional damage they have sustained.

Tip #1: Acknowledge Your Feelings — Don’t Hide Them

Although many of us attempt to shrug off the devastating emotional consequences of a break up with a romantic partner, this level of “stoicism” may only be making the problem worse over time. According to a recent poll, 43% of college students admitted having difficulty sleeping following the end of a romantic relationship. While sleep problems may not be a conclusive sign of depression, this is certainly an indication that, on an emotional level, something is very wrong. By talking through the situation, including a discussion of the relationship as a whole and the feelings experienced upon its closure, individuals may be in a better position to confront their negative emotional well-being and, ultimately, move past it.

Trying to mask your feelings or repress them by binge drinking, partying or finding a rebound to distract you is equally as detrimental. Acknowledge the hurt so you can really move on.

Tip #2: Don’t Let Nostalgia Muddle The Facts

In situations where we let our memories do the talking, we often find ourselves gazing back into a “perfect” word, where the problems and frustrations we felt then have been glossed over and rendered “golden” by the light of nostalgia. Don’t allow your memory to leave you feeling that you just lost the best thing you have ever had. In a vast majority of relationships that have resulted in breakups, both parties are able to point to specific things which resulted in them “knowing” that the relationship was not meant to last. It can be quite hard to be honest with oneself but it can spare you from quite a bit of unwarranted pain and grief in the weeks and months to come.

Tip #3: Respect Yourself

Regardless of whether you were the one being broken up with or the principal instigator of the split, it’s important to remember that there are individuals out there who would be immensely lucky to have you by their side. During a breakup, the ego is often left bruised and battered, with those being broken up with feeling the pain of not being “wanted” anymore. In reality, this situation only really means that one person has expressed their desire to not be in a romantic relationship with you, which is quite different from a universal disregard of your wants and needs.

Just because you’re not right for that person, doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you as a whole. You might be completely perfect for the next person who comes along, but you have to love yourself first.

Tip #4: Take A Chance On Love

Although many daters are left feeling shell-shocked following a breakup, there is no reason why the dating process shouldn’t eventually begin again, following the necessary period of self-reflection and inner healing. If a situation presents itself where romantic interest is sparked yet again, you shouldn’t be afraid to take it! Not every relationship is destined to end in success or failure, and this element of uncertainty is precisely what makes love such a wonderful and magical thing. Give yourself a chance to find it!

According to Alexander Greenberg, the  founder of PriceDate, a new online  dating platform that seeks to revolutionize the online dating experience for men and women across the country, “Beginning the dating process after a breakup will always be a difficult thing to do. But men and women may find the strength and love they need with their new romantic partner, allowing them to yet again find the joy and happiness they deserve”.

There’s no better time than now to plot your return to the world of dating. Whether you are interested in online dating platforms (such as PriceDate), or more conventional methods, you may be surprised by the happiness and satisfaction you find.