The Best Of Online Dating Horror Stories

 Dating Horror Stories

Some of the funniest online dating horror stories and how to avoid becoming one.

Online dating involves its fair share of urban legends. Whether it’s a date gone wrong or a date that never happened, many individuals involved in online dating have heard stories that seem to horrific or embarrassing to be true.

Although the process by which online daters find their potential mates now involves a variety of verifications, profiles and questions, it’s impossible to really “know” your new partner until you’ve met them in the flesh. At this point, a variety of both wonderfully positive and not-so-positive things can happen.

Roslyn F. talked about an online date that turned into a nightmare when she said, “I once went out on an online date with a man who turned out to be gay. Not just a little gay. Super gay. Screaming queen gay. I had to focus on his “purse” to make it through the dinner and avoid his mannerisms and chitchat about how against gay marriage he is.”

The key to a successful encounter online is mutual understanding. What makes some of the more popular dating sites so effective is the “clarity” that each individual has going into a date. Daters can learn precisely what they want know about their future partner’s lifestyle and their intentions before stepping into the restaurant, park, etc. that will serve as the stage for their first encounter.

Radio Wright, an online dating specialist who’s on a mission to go on 150 dates with people he’s met online has had a number of horror stories. “I have several crazy online dating stories. One was a Cirque Du Soleil Acrobat in Las Vegas that wanted to smell my feet after an hour. She kept bothering me about it so I finally let her.”

Paul Litwack, also a dating coach at www.GetUNstuckNOW.org, talked about his worst experience when he said, “While I usually prompt a live call or chat before meeting in person, that didn't happen here. We read each other's profile and figured out in a quick series of online messages that we lived just blocks apart. So we decided to meet at a local coffee shop (she was there at the time) within 15 minutes. As I approached her table, she took a long 'check him out' glance, smiled and asked me to sit beside her, not across the table. No sooner did I sit down, she leaned in to me and asked "So! How good are you in bed?"

So what is it about online dating that leads to interesting, funny and in some cases truly bizarre interactions?

One online dating platform, PriceDate.com (learn more here), seeks to figure that out and provide daters with an assurance that more traditional online platforms cannot provide, that of sustained engagement and involvement on the part of both individuals during a date. In this new, bold take on courtship, individuals can “bid” on dates with individuals who have posted their photos and profiles online. The “winning” bidder has earned the right to a date with the individual they invested in.

While some may argue that this type of arrangement lends itself to a variety of strange behaviour and odd encounters, the series of rules and guidelines stipulated by the founders of PriceDate ensure that each of these dates will remain quite positive. Although there’s no guarantee that true love will be found on any first date, singles can rest assured that their experiences with PriceDate will prove to be engaging and exciting on a level they may not find elsewhere.