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6-10 years


Orange City FL 32763 - United States



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Life Coach, Speaker/Presenter

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I love living in the moment in a world of change, choice, decisions and action!  I have the power to choose to live, to laugh, to let my essence shine and create the abundant, joyous, love filled life I desire.  Choosing my thoughts, actions, beliefs and attitudes helps me see things in many different ways allowing me to fully experience most situations or circumstances.  

What I'm most passionate about is transforming lives.  The vehicle I choose to do it with is Lifestyle Transitons Coaching.  This vehicle helps to tap into your amazing talents, skills and abilities to create the lifestyle of your choice.

About Inez Bracy

Hi! I’m Inez Bracy. You may have seen me on The Balancing Act giving expert tips on Starting Your Own Home Based Business or on Fox 4, Morning Blend, as their resident Career Coach sharing tips on having the career and lifestyle you desire. Many of you have read my book, Rejuvenate Your Life: 21 Days to Feel Like a Woman Again! Thank you!

I’ve been through many transitions and am delighted to tell you that I’ve discovered the secret that allows and empowers me to joyfully embrace changes as they present in my life. I’ve helped hundreds of women who find themselves at new crossroads unlock the secret. These women create a juicy, amazing fulfilling life for themselves. They don’t just cope or survive but thrive because they know the secret!

Women at new crossroads suffer frustration and don’t know how to cope with it very well. They don’t know what they want, how to feel nor where to go. They are stuck because they’re using past thoughts to guide them in a new situation. 

I’ve navigated many new crossroads, from divorce to changing job at 50 to starting my own business! I know just how it feels to awaken confused and unsure. I know how it feels to use ‘old’ thoughts to solve new problems. This doesn’t work!  It's like stuffing a square peg in a round hole.

Hundreds of women started to rejuvenate their lives after reading my book. But then they wrote to me asking, “I get what you’re saying but how can I get more.” “What else can I do to continue growing?” “How do I stop going back to ‘old’ patterns of behavior?” So, I’ve created the email 21 Day Coaching Program to answer many of your questions.

This simple 21 Day Program is here to help you just when you need it most. Start living your amazing life now.

Inez Bracy Success Stories

I feel free now that I have clarity

Women dealing with work related stress

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your advice. I will be forever grateful for bringing clarity into my life at a time when there seemed to be so much confusion. You allowed me to step foot on the path that I am wanting to be on in the end and begin taking action steps toward my goals.more

It was through your guidance that I now understand I can use my current circumstances as a means to achieve my long term goals. You gently forced me to take a few steps back which allowed me to see things from a new perspective. It was through your words of wisdom, compassion and understanding that I now have the confidence that I will achieve those goals. The clarity that you have given me is priceless.~Jody Agard

I stopped hiding!

Single women

I received this in an email yesterday from a young lady in Argentina "Watching the program E! news today, I get informed about this web page: yourtango.com there was where I read your article, which reaches to my heart. I thought it was writen just for me."  The article she read is "Why are you hiding?" more

This email confirms for me that we never know where we will show up nor who will find our message nor how impactful our message can be. 

Thank you YourTango for being the vehicle that helps this young lady and others find the information they need to change their life.

Living a Shame FREE, Guilt FREE Life!

Women starting over

I'm Inez Bracy, Audacious Living & Confidence Coach,  Award Winning Author, and Dynamic Speaker.  I partner with you helping you free your mind and nourish your soul.  This leads to moving from old thought patterns, ideas, and beliefs to creating the lifestyle you've dreamt of.more

As women, you've been taught to be a caregiver and nurturer even when you'd rather not!  This can lead to feelings of resentment and guilt because you perceive that you're not getting anything back and someone is always asking for more.

I help women understand that it's great to give from a giving place. That means taking care of yourSELF FIRST! I like to think of it as filling a cup. When the cup is full of water, you're taking care of yourself and it's all you can do to take care of yourself. Now when the cup starts to overflow, you have the energy and the freedom to take care of others.

The more your cup runs over, the more you have to give. The bliss that you now have becomes a beacon that shines on everyone. This bliss is contagious, infectious and people desire it. Bliss just bubbles over like an erupting volcano and there's no containing it!

My clients are amazed at how much easier it is to give when they take care of themselves first. Many clients say that the hardest thing for them to do was to embrace "it's okay to take care of me first". Once they embraced the idea, the philosophy and started the practice, they question what took them so long. Clients tell me that the energy in their home has changed from heavy and negative to light and positive. They are grateful for the lessons learned and that they no longer have shame and resentment around giving to their loved ones.

In fact, they find bliss in giving and have discovered the bliss of receiving. They marvel at the life they're creating and enjoying every minute of it.

Begin immediately to fill your cup and relish in the results!

I lost myself

Women starting over

In my last relationship, I wanted to be everything that I thought he wanted. I cut off many of my friendships so that I would always be available to and for him. I found myself anxiously waiting for him to tell me what his or my next move would be.more

Then one day, I looked around and wondered "who am I". That was the day that I knew that I had to change. I realized I had 'lost myself'.

Working with Inez Bracy as my coach I rediscovered many of the things I'd previously enjoyed and reclaimed myself. Even though it wasn't always easy for me to face some of the issues that surfaced, Inez was there to help me through them.

Thank you, Inez, for helping me to regain my confidence and self-esteem.

The boardroom changed me

Women dealing with work related stress

When I was young, I planned to change the boardroom. Instead the boardroom changed me. I lost touch with myself and my own essence. Like many other boomer women, I had gone up the ladder so fast that I'd forgotten what it was like to feel like a woman. Then Inez Bracy changed my life. Her book, Rejuvenate Your Life: 21 Days to Feel Like a Woman Again, gave me a practical way of working day by day, toward a new appreciation of myself.

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