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About Ronnie Ann Ryan

Hi! I'm Ronnie Ann Ryan, The Love & Dating Coach, and I work smart, successful single women who have hot careers, but a chilly love life. I'll show you how to overcome obstacles and attract a high quality man with proven, easy strategies. You'll discover how to better understand men and dating to reduce frustration, confusion and time wasted on the wrong man. The author of four books, her Amazon Bestseller Is He The One? Find Mr. Right by Spotting Mr. Wrong has been downloaded over 17,000 times. Ronnie has been featured by ABC, NBC, and Fox News, BBC, NPR, MSN.com, Huffington Post, Fox News Magazine Online, Yahoo! and eHarmony among others.

I found love after 40 using the same simple and practical methods I share today with clients.

I specialize in helping successful, single women 40+ who with a strong desire to find love but you may have
• Nearly given up hope of finding love
• Not dated in years and don't know where to start
• Become frustrated with midlife dating
• Gotten completely confused about how dating works
• Trouble understand men
• Sabotaged a new relationship
• Picked the wrong men
• Wished you had more confidence
• Wanted to feel more desirable
• Not known how to flirt or understand why you should bother
• Aren't getting the results you want online or the apps
• Wanted to meet better quality men

My work is completely transformative as I go much deeper than many coaches who just rewrite your profile and give you a few guidelines. My proven dating advice and strategies cover mindset and practical needs to get results so you find the love you dreamed of. With my private coaching, do-it-yourself programs, books and audios, there is something to help every single gal who is ready for love.

My Own Success Story
I woke up on my 40th birthday (a cold January morning) still single and realized that (horrors!) I might be single for the rest of my life. I figured the best I could do was get used to that idea, since it didn't seem likely to change at that point. By May, I decided there was NO WAY I was going to stay single if there was a breath left in my body. Summoning up all my determination, I did everything in my power to change my relationship status. And it worked!

First I had to identify what was keeping me single and realized sadly I hadn't been open to men since my college boyfriend broke my heart 18 years earlier! After working to open my heart to love and improve my desirability, I started telling everyone what I was up to. The results? I dated 30 men in only 15 months. On my last blind date, I met the man who became my husband - Paul who was #30! We got married in May, 2000, surprising many of my friends and family who thought I'd be single for life.

So, I KNOW what it's like to date over 40. It's not the same as dating in your 20's!  I stay up-to-date with what's going on in the dating world and read everything I can get my hands on. My mission is to share my insights, wisdom and tools with single women over 40 who truly desire a loving relationship with the right man.

In addition to being an internationally-known Dating Coach, (I've had clients from Japan, South Korea, Shanghai China, Portugal, Switzerland, Canada and the UK), I'm also a professional speaker, workshop leader and the author of MANifesting Mr. Right, Why Cant I Find Love? and Is He The One? I've also created a number of Home Study courses including Flirt School, How to Sizzle vs. Fizzle Online and the comprehensive and groundbreaking My Time For Love Program.I've worked with thousands of single women to transform their love lives and help them find the amazing man they dream of.

I've been interviewed by BBC Radio, FOX and ABC News, Sally Jesse Raphael, NPR, WYBC with Lisa Wexler, Fox News Magazine, MSN.com,Yahoo!, eHarmony and MORE.com, among others in the US, UK and Australia. Get your free book 7 Dire Dating Mistakes Women Make That Keep You Single  by clicking here now.

Wishing you love,

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