Worker Who Is Paid Biweekly Shows What She's Forced To Eat By The End Of Week 2

If you need proof that weekly pay is much more beneficial to workers, this is it.

worker shows what she is forced to eat on week 2 of her biweekly pay period @thardib / TikTok

There are pros and cons of biweekly pay. The pros are that you ultimately see more money on your check, while the cons include budget restraints and limited flexibility in terms of spending.

And one woman (along with many others) feels the harsh reality of biweekly pay periods.

A woman showed the 'meal' that she's forced to eat at the end of the second week of her biweekly pay.

A TikToker named Jiselle, who goes by the username thardib, posted a 5-second clip to her account that showcased the “meal” she is forced to eat on the second week of her biweekly pay period.


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Jiselle turned the camera to show her followers a plate of plain tortillas. She then began to spread jelly on her tortilla and folded them in half to eat.

woman shows what happens when bi-weekly pay starts to run outPhoto: TikTok / @thardib


She captioned the video, “You get paid biweekly and it’s week 2,” highlighting just how tight money is for those who don't receive payment weekly. Many in the comments mentioned things like, "You ain’t have some shredded cheese Jiselle please" and "The times of tortillas and jelly."



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Jiselle’s post sparked conversation on pay periods and the intense challenges that workers face with biweekly checks.

Many shared their experiences with being paid biweekly, and even being paid monthly. One person commented, “Week 1 I’m doordashing everyday, week 2 I'm eating ice cubes and bread for dinner."


This is an unfortunate circumstance for most workers that get biweekly or monthly paychecks. Although they get paid more, their money doesn’t last long and they are oftentimes forced to do side hustles and odd jobs to make more income.

Some who are paid monthly weighed in, saying, “I get paid monthly and I’m struggling by the end of the month.” Many throughout the comments discussed the importance of budgeting and how crucial it is to save.

People also commented about how blessed they were to be paid weekly, adding, “Getting paid weekly is truly such a blessing.”

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Unfortunately, getting paid weekly is no longer a common occurrence. Most workers get paid biweekly, even fast food workers and retail personnel

woman shows what happens when bi-weekly pay starts to run outPhoto: Karolina Grabowska / Pexels

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In our economy, biweekly checks are not enough to last two full weeks. 

With rent being at an all-time high in some states such as New Jersey, California, and New York, people are struggling to survive. 

Despite getting paid more in these states, with utilities, bills and other expenses, food and other necessities are becoming increasingly difficult to incorporate into budgets.

It's also notable to mention that getting paid $18 hourly in New York is not the same as getting paid $18 hourly in Arkansas or West Virginia, for example. Due to the costs of living in New York and other expensive states, making $18 hourly is much less.


It’s sad that people have to work two full-time jobs and have a successful side hustle in order to survive and have their basic needs fulfilled. Overall, many people are struggling despite working full-time jobs and times are becoming increasingly difficult.

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