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Mom's Family Was ‘Adopted’ At School — Says She'd 'Never Do It Again' After Her Kid Got Better Gifts Than Her

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Mom's Family Was ‘Adopted’ At School — Says She'd 'Never Do It Again' After Her Kid Got Better Gifts Than Her

“Beggars can’t be choosers” is a popular phrase, but that doesn't mean that people abide by it.

One woman on Reddit is proving this to be true after she criticized her children’s school district over the holiday gifts she received from them.

The mother was jealous that her kids received better gifts from the school than she did.

The mother’s family was 'adopted' by her child’s school, meaning that they would receive gifts from them.

However, after her family received all of the gifts, she claimed she would “never do it again” after her child received "better gifts" than she did.

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In a screenshot from Facebook posted on the subreddit, r/ChoosingBeggars, a mother complain about the gifts she was given for the holidays by her son’s school district. 

The subreddit is a space designed “for posting screenshots, pictures, or stories of people who are being way too picky when begging for things.”

Some school districts “adopt” students and their families who are less fortunate than others or struggling financially and buy them gifts for Christmas through holiday programs.

It's a thoughtful and heartwarming gesture in tune with the holiday spirit, but she felt the complete opposite.

“So we got gifts from [my son’s] school this year cause I guess we got adopted,” the woman shared. “[My son] made out like a bandit as we figured he would.”

The woman revealed that she and her husband got a few gifts, but she was displeased with what she received. 

“I got a bag of hygiene products, most of which I won’t/don’t use,” she wrote. “First and last time doing that.” 

“At least I have one gift from my kid although he keeps trying to open it himself,” she added. “I f-–king hate Christmas.”

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As expected, other Reddit users bashed the mother for being ungrateful for what she received. 

“Something is better than nothing,” one user pointed out.

“I keep seeing these kinds of posts and get so angry. I only managed to get my niece's presents this year, I’m fortunate that the rest of my family decided to block out presents or I would have been screwed,” another user shared.

“My partner and I aren’t getting each other anything because we’d rather eat and pay the electric bill. Then you read about wankers like this.”

“We got 'adopted' by a very kind Redditor on this page. I'm spending every penny on my son. I'd never complain about a donated gift. It's super kind that the parents got anything at all,” a third user wrote. 

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Other users criticized the mother for not being grateful that her child received nice gifts. 

“If you’re having trouble affording Christmas you’d hopefully be glad your kids got something because it’s really special for kids and they don’t always understand why Santa shorted them,” one user commented.

“Yikes. Why not just be happy for a kid who’s going to have a good Christmas,” another user added. 

However, others sympathized with the mother’s frustration.

“I do understand the frustration some moms go through since they are often overlooked when it comes to gifts,” one user commented. “Maybe she just felt insulted that someone thought what she needed was soap.”

“I think the complaint is the fact that a lot of women are tired of getting generic bath products while guys get fun gifts,” another user shared. 

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