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Mom Who Posted Video About Not Being Able To Afford Gifts For Her Kids Gets Bashed For Having Her Nails Done

Photo: TikTok
Tiktok of mom crying on TikTok

A mother’s TikTok which shows her being emotional about not being able to afford presents for her kids has gone viral on the app.

However, it has been met with several different opinions. 

The woman shared the original video to her TikTok account, @ms.j818, with the caption, “How do I tell my kids ‘Santa’ can’t bring there presents this year???” while the song Pope is a Rockstar by Sales plays in the background.  



The mom is shown wiping her eyes with what appears to be a new set of fake nails. 

The video has now been viewed 8.6 million times since December 20. The mother’s account also has her CashApp in her bio. 

The video went viral with nobodycaresanthony reading some of the top comments under the video. 

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Many criticized the mom for having her nails done while worrying about money.

It seems like a lot of people are judging the mom for being able to afford her nails but not gifts for her children. 

For example, one comment read, “Just show them your nails. They’ll understand.”  

Another made a joke about the video and changed the song lyrics to “Broke Little Rock Star”

Similarly, several users seem to have mentioned how many individuals have received three stimulus checks and child tax credit this year. 

One woman said, “Girlllll the government gave out so much money for YOUR kids this year. NO EXCUSE!” 

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There have been mixed reactions to the video across social media. 

One user on Reddit posted a screenshot of the original video to the Reddit thread “Choosing Beggars” which is for posting photos of people who are too picky when begging for things. 

They titled the post, “CB seeked sympathy from tiktok after getting a fresh set of nails.”

Most of the users seem to be in agreement that the mom was asking for pity and money. One person said, “I'm jumping to conclusions obviously but this one seems to me like a direct attempt at receiving donations through sympathy.” 

One of the replies from another user read, “Bingo. She was hoping some schmuck would set up a GFM for her & more schmos would donate. We don’t even know she actually has kids.” 

The comments go on to call out the mother for trying to beg or scam for money on the app. 

Another Reddit user added, “It's not new, people are just more shameless about it now.” 

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However, it is unclear how much she would have paid for these nails. 

According to nailboo, an acrylic manicure can cost anywhere between $25 and $100, which is inexpensive in comparison to several Christmas gifts. 

There is also the possibility that she could have done them herself. 

Emily White on TikTok commented under Anthony’s video by saying, “My mom was always scared people would judge her for having nails when paying with food stamps. She’s a nail tech and does them herself.” 

Another user, Stephanie also had a similar story. 

“I do my own nails. People are acting like they know her situation” she said.

It does certainly appear that the mom-shaming has gone a little too fair and could be unjustified, but many moms will already know the internet is rarely a very kind place!

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