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Man’s Tantrum After Finding Out His Wife Is Expecting A Baby Girl Sparks Negative Reaction Online

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Gender reveal party

Gender reveal parties are often controversial for many reasons, but none of those reasons are why the party this Redditor posted about went wrong.

If you’ve wanted kids your whole life, you always dream about the day that they’ll be born — how many you want, how many boys, how many girls, what sports they’ll play.

But getting your hopes up that everything will turn out how you want it to be is a recipe for disaster.

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Her brother-in-law learned that the hard way, and now she’s taking all of the heat for it.

The woman yelled at her brother-in-law after he was upset he was having a girl.

A woman posted about the trouble she got into with her sister and her brother-in-law after confronting him at the gender reveals party for being upset that they were having a daughter.

She went to the subreddit “r/AmItheA--hole” (AITA), to tell her story and see if she could find some outside advice on whether or not she was in the wrong for what she did.

The random Redditors patrolling the subreddit will read any new post and apply a rating to your specific situation, typically consisting of YTA, which stands for “You’re The A--hole,” and NTA, which stands for “Not The A--hole.”

Fortunately for the woman who posted, everyone seemed to be on her side of the argument.

“Last week my sister was having a gender reveal party,” she began the story.

“When the sex was revealed to be female, her husband got all disappointed and basically sat in the corner angrily mumbling to himself. Obviously, this made everyone really uncomfortable, and my sister really distraught.”

Many people in the comments talked about a process called “Gender Disappointment,” where parents of a child will be, well, disappointed with the gender of their future child, but the woman didn’t appreciate that he was ruining the party.

“I decided to talk to him, because frankly he was acting ridiculous and I thought I could make him see that so he could just move past it,” she continued.

“I asked him why he was so upset, and he was like ‘Really? Obviously, I don't want a daughter, I wanted a son.’”

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Intent on ruining the party with his little tantrum, she tried to continue talking him out of it.

“I asked, why the genitals matter so much (which that is literally how they see the sex of a fetus), he called me a creep,” she wrote.

“I responded with ‘come on man, are you really gonna just throw a tantrum? Do you even care how your wife feels about this.’”

His pride got hurt with that one, because he continued overreacting, even crossing a line with what he said next.

“He yelled ‘how dare you try and tell me what to do in my own home,’,” she wrote also adding that he cursed at her. 

“At this point, I lost my temper a little, and I said ‘if you plan on raising a child in a few months you better stop acting like one yourself. Just do everyone a favor and grow tf up’.”

Well, she’s not wrong, but the backlash that she received after her outburst made her think that she was.

He continued getting increasingly hostile, so she removed herself from the situation, that is until her sister later expressed her disappointment in her and blamed her for her husband not wanting to raise a daughter.

Instantly, the Redditors laid into the man, saying that her sister should leave him and that the baby is better off without him as a father, and even saying that it’s his fault the sperm didn’t make their child a boy.

But best of all was one comment that spoke the truth while adding in a little bit of humor, summing it up to “if you’re not ready for your kid to come out a certain way, then you shouldn’t have kids."

People were also concerned about the sister, sticking up for her as well, saying that she likely didn’t mean what she said but redirected it to her at the moment.

The outcome was a resounding “NTA,” which means this anonymous poster has the entire force of Reddit behind her.

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