Woman Explains How She Used AI To Get A Callback From Every Single Place She Applied

She finally got a job offer using ChatGPT from the place she applied to multiple times prior.

Leah Graham explains the steps to use ChatGPT to generate a good resume. @leah_sahdm / TikTok

Landing the perfect job is often the culmination of countless hours of fine-tuning resumes, meticulously listing qualifications, and crafting convincing cover letters. All efforts are in the hope of being noticed by potential employers.

However, in this competitive job market, candidates often find themselves in a sea of equally dedicated applicants, all vying for the same position. So, how can you distinguish yourself from the rest? What could give your resume that extra shine?


One TikTok user is keeping up with the times and using new technology to make resume building not just easier, but better.

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A woman received a call back from every single job she applied to after using AI.

TikToker Leah Graham (@leah_sahdm) shared DIY tips in a series of videos that might just be a game-changer for job-seekers. Her secret weapon is an AI writing tool, ChatGPT, that she claims has an uncanny knack for constructing attention-grabbing resumes.

This isn't just idle talk, either; she backs it up with impressive results — Graham revealed she got callbacks for every position she applied for using her ChatGPT-generated resume. 


"Including a job that I've applied for four times now and finally got a 'yes,'" she said. On top of that, she's gotten offers for a total of three jobs.



Before turning to ChatGPT, Leah recounted her job-hunting struggles, which painted a familiar picture for many. She had been looking for a new job since impulsively quitting her previous one. Despite applying for more than 300 positions, she had little success. That is, until she started using ChatGPT.

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Graham's video also doubles as a tutorial for those interested in building a resume of their own with the AI tool. 

The most crucial step in the whole process is the prompts. Without a good prompt, ChatGPT will be of little help. Luckily, she shared exactly what to type into ChatGPT.

woman applies to jobs using chatgpt aiPhoto: TikTok / @leah_sahdm

In the prompt, you give your job title and prior work experience to ChatGPT and ask it to generate questions to better understand what to write for your resume.


"Please ask me as many questions as you need in order to help me rewrite my resume to sound more... whatever skill that you're going to need to apply for a better job or a better position," she said, reading the prompt.

ChatGPT follows up with questions like, "Did you work with a team or independently?" and "Did you have any leadership or supervisory responsibilities?"

But her guidance doesn't end there. In a follow-up video, she shared the next step is to ask ChatGPT to write an objective statement and a list of job titles that you're qualified for based on your prior work experience.



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Graham clarified that this is a good tool for people who have worked in a variety of fields, not for more senior-level people who already understand what job title they are seeking.

For the final step, before actually building the resume, Graham shared to ask ChatGPT to generate skills for you. Many people might already have their skills written down, but she wanted to use ChatGPT to make her list more "cohesive" and to follow the "same tone."

She shared a link to a free Google document in her TikTok bio that outlines how to craft a resume for the information ChatGPT gave you. 

woman applies to jobs using chatgpt aiPhoto: TikTok / @leah_sahdm


She clarified that even though this is a helpful tool for getting job interviews, it does little to prepare you for one. It will come down to you to make a good in-person impression.

But Graham's videos speak to the trouble many job-seekers are finding when they apply to jobs. With employers holding sky-high expectations, treating their employees with little respect, and sometimes refusing to acknowledge their hard work, it's no wonder there seems to be a labor shortage in the U.S.

While ChatGPT continues to work its way into our daily lives — replacing help line workers and even naming newborn babies — Graham has found a way to maximize any potential opportunities for job-seekers. And that's just the first step people looking for employment can take.

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