Woman Asks If She's 'Unreasonable' To Want A 'Romantic' Valentine's Day Instead Of Dinner With Boyfriend's Parents

She wanted to celebrate just the two of them.

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A woman’s Valentine’s Day plans with her boyfriend were not what she hoped for when he suggested that they spend it with his parents.

She anticipated that the two would spend some one on one time together. 

Now she is asking if she is being unreasonable for expecting something more romantic for the special day. 

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The woman’s boyfriend wanted to celebrate Valentine’s Day by having a home-cooked dinner at his family home. 

Sharing her story to the subreddit thread, r/relationships, the 24-year-old woman sought the advice of other Redditors regarding the situation. 

She began her post by revealing that she and her boyfriend, also 24, have been dating for three years. 

For their third Valentine’s Day together, he wanted to celebrate by having a home-cooked meal in his home. The only issue is that his parents will be joining them since he lives in their home. 

While the woman admitted that she was fine with the idea of having a home-cooked dinner, she did not want to eat with her boyfriend’s parents. 


“I think that’s not romantic because it’s Valentine’s Day, not family day,” she wrote. 

She believes that he does not want to go out on Valentine’s since their anniversary is the day after, and he planned a romantic dinner for the two of them then. 

Still, she wanted him to plan something more romantic for the holiday and asks other Redditors if she is being unreasonable. 

“He said he is happy he gets to spend time both with his parents and me on Valentine’s Day,” she wrote.  “Shouldn’t he be wanting to spend that time with me only?” 

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Some Reddit users suggested that the woman and her boyfriend combine their anniversary dinner with Valentine’s Day. 

“Your anniversary is one day later. Since you guys decided to start dating this day, it’s entirely logical to combine the two events,” one user pointed out. 


“Ultimately, February 14 is some arbitrary date that we all decided was a day of love. So waiting one day to have a nice dinner I think is fine. As long as you both care about each other, there's literally no difference between the 14th and the 15th,” another user commented. 

Others believed that it was strange that the man wanted to spend Valentine’s Day with his parents and girlfriend. 

“I wouldn't involve my parents in my Valentine's Day festivities lol,” one user admitted. “He must really like his parents though.” 

“It’s super weird to spend Valentine’s Day with parents,” another user wrote. 

However, one user believed that the woman’s boyfriend was attempting to be romantic with his Valentine’s Day plans. 

“What's more romantic than being treated as a family? He's COOKING for you,” one user pointed out. 


Hopefully, the couple can come to an agreement over how they should celebrate so they don’t wind up breaking up around what was supposed to be a romantic time for them. 

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