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5-Year-Old Nervously Visits Crush's Home With Flowers To Ask Her To Be His Valentine — After Almost Backing Out

Photo: Reddit
Young boy giving girl gifts on Valentine's Day

February 14 is the day of love and regardless of whether you’re single, in a relationship, or even in multiple relationships (we don’t judge), everyone deserves some love on Valentine’s Day — and yes, self-love counts.

However, one 5-year-old boy had more in mind for this year’s Valentine’s Day than some self-love or a hug for his parents and decided to surprise his classmate with his grand gesture.

The 5-year-old boy went to his crush’s house and asked her to be his Valentine in front of her parents.

In a video that’s sure to make you smile and go “aww,” the young man is dapperly outfitted in a full suit (no tie for style points) and carries a bouquet of flowers and a rainbow-colored stuffed unicorn.

Filmed by either his mother or his father, the video immediately starts with the front door of his crush’s home being opened by her father, whom he asks an important question.

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“Can I please see Lyla?” the young boy asks.

The father repeats the question to confirm that was what he asked, and then calls out to his daughter, saying “Lyla, there’s someone here to see you.”

As Lyla works her way down the steps alongside her mother, the boy says “Hi Lyla! Happy Valentine’s!”

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“What is all this?” Lyla’s mother exclaims, recording the whole thing and finding it utterly sweet that the young boy would show off with this display of affection towards her daughter.

When Lyla finally reaches the landing, he steps inside their home for a moment to pass along his gifts and repeats “Happy Valentine’s!” only to step back outside.

“Thank you, Anthony,” Lyla replies back, followed by a “you’re welcome” from the young bachelor.

Lyla’s mother asks if she would like to give Anthony a hug, and waits for her answer before holding onto her gifts so she can thank him with a hug.

“That’s so sweet,” her mom says as they hug it out and turn their separate ways.

After the video first went viral in 2022, the boy's mom revealed to Good Morning that her son, Anthony, almost backed out due to nerves.



"He got really nervous before going," she explained, "He actually went to go take his tux off multiple times."

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Social media users reacted to the heartwarming video with nothing but praise.

When the video was reposted to the subreddit “r/MadeMeSmile,” it did exactly that and received love and praise from the users that commented.

“The hug at the end,” one of the top comments read with a teary-eyed emoji and a heart.

The top response to this comment read “They both will remember this day for the rest of their life.”

“Kid's a smooth operator. I bet he only drinks single-barrel apple juice,” another commenter joked.

“Such a respectful and stand-up little dude,” a third wrote. “Stepped back out and everything, bless his heart”

Many commenters even sang praises towards the parents for letting the kids have their moment.

“I can't imagine having a dad that would be cool with just holding the door open in the cold like that. Good on him lol,” one user wrote.

“I’m shocked he didn’t make some stupid joke about dating his daughter,” another user commented. “Respect that dude for just letting those kids have a moment”

However you may feel about Valentine’s Day as a holiday, you can’t deny that this special moment pulled on your heartstrings.

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