Woman Says That A Server Ripped Her Check In Half After She Asked To Split The Bill — People Agree With The Server

The server took the woman's request quite literally.

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For many, splitting the bill at restaurants makes life a lot easier. Being able to pay for your share of the bill eliminates unnecessary guilt and creates an easier situation to pay for what you ate or drank. However, there are many ways to split a bill, and one TikTok creator learned this the hard way.

A woman on TikTok asked a server to split her bill, but the server simply ripped the check in half.

TikToker Rosaria Sarnacchiaro posted a video about how she had asked her server at a restaurant in South France to split the bill. To her surprise, it came back ripped in half.


Sarnacchiaro captioned her video, “Tip when visiting South of France: Don’t ask to split the bill.” In her video, she showcased the wonderful meal she had and then showed an image of the ripped check. The waiter may have taken the woman's request quite literally, but people are actually siding with the server.



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Many made jokes about splitting the bill, especially when it's so inexpensive to do so.

Many in the comment section laughed about how Sarnacchiaro wanted to split the bill, even though the total was quite inexpensive. The bill came out to 35€, and some thought it was silly to split it with it being a considerably inexpensive dinner. One person said, “y u gotta split 35€ It’s on me babe don’t worry.”

Other users mentioned different ways to go about splitting bills, adding, “how about one person pays and the other venmos or whatever the other the money for their meal. all prices displayed already include tax.”

Some also suggested simply asking for another bill next time, or using Cashapp to do the math on their own. 

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The woman's video sparked a conversation of how people should go about splitting bills, or if we should even split bills in the first place. 

Nowadays, people often feel obligated to split the bill since they feel the need to keep things "even," so that nobody owes each other anything. Splitting things evenly on every dinner, lunch, or outing ultimately avoids conflict and long-term arguments over who owes the other money.

Some may also feel guilty when people pay for things for them. It makes them feel like they need to pay them back in some way, or that the other person is going to hold a grudge against them for spending money on their order.

Splitting the bill avoids all guilt and is the easiest, least stressful method for many. The reasoning is simple: there's no shame if you paid for what you ate. 

On the other hand, in some relationship dynamics, it doesn't matter to some people; they're more than happy with the other person paying for them. It all depends on your personality, mindset, and the dynamic of the relationship


Splitting the bill is common, especially when dating someone new or dining with acquaintances. Overall, we should always be considerate of others and make compromises when the bill shows up so there are no hard feelings or guilt.

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