Chaos Ensues At A Restaurant After A Birthday Girl Asks Her Entire Party To Split The $4,600 Bill

Just pay for your meal.

people arguing over paying expensive restaurant bill @viccgotti / TikTok

It’s always nice to split the bill when going out with friends, or at least pay for what you have eaten. However, one group of friends encountered a hefty bill that created some major conflict inside the restaurant. A TikTok user who goes by the name of @viccgotti shared a video of his friends who argued over splitting the crazy bill.

The video shows a chaotic scene after a woman expected her friends to split the $4,600 bill for her birthday.

The video opens with one of the attendees exclaiming, “I’m not splitting the bill shawty, that’s crazy.” Another friend began to point at the group’s extravagant meals as the friend exclaimed, “Look at what all they got and you expect me to split the bill?” 


One of the women mentioned that “We come together, we split the bill.” However, that did not stop the chaos from getting even worse.

The viral video received over 15 million views and sparked a debate on whether or not we should be splitting bills, or just paying for our own meals.



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The creator posted a full version that caused even more debate and conversation. 

Vicgotti showed the waiter bringing them hot towels and said that it was a very expensive restaurant. He said he did not want to split the bill because it was $4,600.

In the full video, the birthday girl asked, “It’s my birthday, why should I have to pay for something on my birthday?”



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Many in the comments shared, “I'm never going to argue over splitting a bill. I'm simply going to pay for MY food order & tip, contribute what I want to the bday person, and leave.” Others seemed to agree that “Everyone splits birthday person's meal and then you pay for whatever you got.”

A lot of people argued that they would refuse to split it evenly, because “I’m confused on why I would be paying for anyone else’s things outside of the birthday girl/boy.”

Many said that they should have figured out the bill situation beforehand.

We can all agree that this type of scene in any restaurant does not look good, and particularly in an establishment where the bill could even reach $4,600. Many argue in the comments that the group should have already figured out the money situation before sitting down. 

Some even argued that the birthday girl was entitled and said, “Birthday or not, be an adult and pay for your own food - the entitlement she has is disgusting.”


Many agreed on the fact that each person should have paid for their own meals and additionally split the cost for the birthday girl’s meal. 

Overall, the entire situation could have been avoided if they were to discuss the bill procedures beforehand.

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