Woman Reveals Her ‘Bridezilla’ Sister’s Extreme Demands For Bridesmaids That Are Dividing Her Family

Is there gonna be a wedding after all this?

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When your sibling announces they are marrying the one they love, it’s a time to celebrate and be happy.

But, for this woman, it's turning into the opposite because of her sister's demands as she tries  to have the "perfect wedding."

Posting to the subreddit r/weddingshaming, the woman is laying out everything telling how her sister is turning into a monster and why she can't stop laughing at this disaster.


The woman says her sister is becoming a bridezilla with some outlandish and outrageous demands for her wedding.

For context, the woman names her sister E for this post. She begins by saying how she and E have a 5-year age difference — E is older — and that they really never had that "sisterly" bond.

"Growing up, I was always a burden to her, and anytime it was my turn to pitch the family movie (or really anything), she would get upset. The reason being that she had control issues as early as 9."

Now the woman is 18, and E is 24. Two months ago, E's boyfriend A proposed to her at a family beach day. E was thrilled and said yes, and her parents and sister were all happy for her.


At the behest of their mother, the woman writing the post was made a bridesmaid, but she is saying she regrets it because now she is roped "into all the b.s." that has happened so far.

E is now beginning to make demands that are wild.

"All bridesmaids are to pay for their own dress (a $300 dress! In blush pink), shoes, hair, and makeup. All bridesmaids need to attend all wedding and bachelorette events, including the bachelorette spa day [which is] $800 each.

There is also a bachelorette vacation weekend to Toronto which is looking like it will cost $1000 for the hotel alone. Everyone must attend all the dress appointments — even if they're just for the bride.

"All alterations [will be] covered by the person themselves," the post continues, explaining that the $300 dress will have another $300 worth of alterations.


Bridesmaids must also attend cake and food tastings and partake in all things to do with the venue — and must pay $25 each to do so. But E has one more demand.

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"The guests, and the bridal/groom party need to pay $150 to reserve their spots. And gifts have to either be cash, cheque, or from the list of registry items. She has a spreadsheet of what everyone is gifting and said she will return items that aren't from the registry/match her theme."

Her mother says this is just bridal anxiety, but the woman says this is her sister wanting to control everything. She added that E wants a December wedding on a ski hill too. She has been updating the post periodically with more demands from her sister as well.


E has now demanded that all bridesmaids attend a hair and skin appointment every six weeks to ensure hair and skin are "flawless" — these are out of pocket, too.

Tattoos must be covered, and you need to have your hair dyed to a natural color or buy a wig.

Dresses will only come in sizes of 00 to 10. The original poster is a size 12, and her sister is already fat shaming her, sending her a keto diet book from Amazon. Also, no vendors are to communicate with E and must go through the bridesmaids instead.

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"She made a Gmail which we all have access to, and we aren’t supposed to ask her if something is okay. We should just know (this is the part that stresses mom out)."


And finally, bridesmaids are to remind the guest that a deposit of $150 is needed to save their spot and if they don't get that deposit, they don't get to go to the wedding, and confirmation is needed for what they're purchasing from the registry or the amount of money they'll give.

Many comments are saying this is not normal.

Comments have all echoed worry saying this is not how a wedding is supposed to be. The demands E is making are a cause for concern, and many are telling the woman to drop out of being a bridesmaid and instead attend as a guest.

But even then, she'd still need to pay to get into the wedding, but the woman said in a response post she can't drop being a bridesmaid because E says it's her duty as a sister, and their mother is trying to keep the peace.


The woman posted two updates as well, saying the comments are all right, saying this isn't normal, and now the woman has spoken to her godmother, who thinks her mother is nuts and is encouraging her to talk to her parents about everything.

One thing is for certain; if this bridezilla continues like this, there's gonna be a lot of empty chairs at that wedding.

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