Bride Says She Was Body-Shamed For Being ‘Too Thin’ After Her Wedding Dress Hack Went Viral Online

The body-shaming needs to stop.

TikTok body-shamed TikTok

A bride has been the subject of online trolling after her wedding photos were released online without her consent.

Rachel Kwon got married to her partner, Jaehwan Kwon back in June 2022 and posted about her wedding dress on her TikTok account in July. 



The video was just a fun way of showing her followers the clever contraption she used to prevent her husband from seeing her dress before the wedding.


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But, when the viral video was picked up by news outlets, reactions to the clip took a very negative and damaging turn.

In August 2022, she was surfing Facebook and found an article from The Sun about her special dress contraption. 

People body-shamed the bride in her wedding dress for being too thin.

Kwon posted a video on her TikTok account after reading the numerous comments about her body on a now-deleted Facebook post that shared the article.



"Well, I clicked to see the comments and as you can see, all of these comments here are critiquing my body," she said.


She shared several screenshots of the comments mentioning how skinny Kwon is and that she might have an eating disorder.

The bride voiced the negative effects it could have had on a woman.

“I’m so incredibly fortunate that I don’t struggle with an ED and have a healthy relationship with my body,” she said. “But a lot of people aren’t that fortunate and if those comments would have been on someone else’s page who was a bit younger than me, a bit more insecure, a bit less self-esteem, that is so incredibly damaging.”

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She mentioned that while she is quite confident with herself, the comments were still quite hurtful and she can’t imagine if it was someone else in her place.


Kwon further got emotional and teared up a bit thinking about other women going through something like this.

She opened up to Insider about how she felt after reading the comments online. 

"Seeing those comments about my body on a happy wedding video was hurtful," Kwon said. "I hate that young girls are reading those comments and becoming scared to put themselves out there on social media because of how toxic it can be."

The bride says The Sun didn’t reach out to her before publishing the article.

Kwon was sure to mention that she wasn't upset about the pictures of her wedding dress being released, she had just been disappointed that The Sun didn’t make any communication attempts with her before releasing the article.


​Kwon felt the article was written in a negative way and blamed The Sun for the negative reaction from internet users. 

She thought that the way the article had been written could have prompted negative reactions from online users.

After finding out about the accusations, a spokesperson for The Sun defended the article.


“[The article is] clearly, when read in full, fair and straight reporting and leads on the positive reaction," the spokesperson told Insider

They further stated that the writer had been sure to mention the cultural background behind the wedding and don’t refer to Kwon's appearance at any point.

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