Runaway Bride Steals Fiancé’s Luggage & Flees While Waiting On Flight To Their Wedding

It seems she got the bridal blues.

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It seems this one bride is suffering from a serious case of cold feet before her big day as she ran away from her fiance moments before the couple's flight to Rome — where the wedding was going to take place.

Witnesses to the case of the missing bride have been speaking out after a groom was left devastated by what may have been an elaborate scam.

Police were called to investigate the incident after the woman fled a London airport, taking her partner's belongings with her.


The runaway bride stole her groom's luggage and $6,000 just days before the wedding.

The couple was at the Heathrow airport with tickets for their flight to Rome when the incident occurred on August 11, 2022.

Airport staff reported that the groom, while checking in for the couple's flight, appeared jubilant and expressed excitement about their upcoming nuptials in Italy.

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But it seems the bride didn’t have any plans of marrying him.

When the couple was waiting for their flight, the groom left his bride alone with his belongings while he went to use the bathroom. The bride saw this as a chance to make a run for it with her partner's luggage.


One onlooker who saw them said, “They’d planned to marry in Rome and were about to fly there. Then she did a runner while he went to the loo and vanished with all their belongings.”

After the groom noticed that his bride had stolen his belongings, he realized that it wasn't the only valuable thing that was missing.

The groom had previously given his fiancee $6,000 which was intended to be used for the wedding, however, that was also stolen.

The same onlooker said, “He was in bits — totally inconsolable. Apparently, they’d only met very recently and he’d fallen head-over-heels for her.”

“He’d proposed a day earlier and she’d accepted.”


This hasty proposal and wedding suggest that maybe the bride didn't have the best intentions to begin with. It seems that rushing into the relationship may have stopped the groom from truly getting to know the woman.

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After the bride fled the scene, the airport staff spent some time looking for her but it is possible she could have taken a flight in order to flee.

“It wasn’t even clear if she’d gone out of the airport or on to another country,” the onlooker said. “In the end, the police were called. Even her name was in doubt by then."

After the report was made public, a Met Police spokeswoman confirmed they were called to investigate.


She added: “Enquiries continue. No arrests have been made at this time.”

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