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Woman Who Borrowed $200 From Best Friend Refuses To Pay It Back After She Tries Hooking Up With Her Boyfriend

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After borrowing $200 from her friend, that friend tried to hook up with her boyfriend and then refused to pay her back.

Posting to the subreddit "TrueOffMyChest," the woman, 18, explained that she had just moved in with her boyfriend, 20, in December, and the two were in a tough financial situation.

"His appendix ruptured in January and he had to go to the hospital for quite some time. We weren't [in] a good financial spot and some of our friends helped us," she began in her post.

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The woman says she agreed to borrow money from her friend who offered to help.

She said that her friend had called and offered to loan her $200 "because we needed to cover something which I cannot really remember."

The woman continued, saying that she and her friend had been close and her friend "knew everything about me."

At the time, the woman's friend had been texting her boyfriend to ask for advice about troubles she was having in her own relationship, which the woman claimed to not have minded.

"I knew my boyfriend is that kind of therapist friend who always listens and comes with actually pretty good solutions (also since she was my best friend I never thought she would've [wanted] to have something with him)," she said.

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While the woman was on vacation with her parents, she received a weird text from her boyfriend.

During a trip the woman took with her parents, the woman explained that she started receiving texts from her boyfriend about her friend acting strange toward him.

He proceeded to send her screenshots of their text exchange, where the woman's friend was heavily flirting with him and trying to convince him that they should hook up.

"He [sent screenshots] of her telling him that she can give a real good head and what she enjoys during sex, then asking him if he would want to try it and "enjoy finally a good sex," the woman wrote.

After receiving the texts from the woman's friend, her boyfriend turned her down before blocking her number.

The woman then confronted her friend about the texts she'd sent and told her she wouldn't be paying back the rest of the money she'd borrowed, after having already paid back $100.

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Under the woman's post, Reddit users reacted to the story, with many people agreeing that her friend was in the wrong.

"I would keep the money. Be cold-blooded, be brutal, because f--k her. Also, your boyfriend sounds like an absolute angel!" one user wrote.

Another user chimed in, writing, "I wouldn’t give her back any money, nor would I continue to speak to her. She’d be blocked on everything. I hope you did that."

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