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Woman Asks A Mom To Control Her Child's 'Stomping' & 'Screaming' On A Flight But Gets Told To 'Mind Her Business'

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Toddler on an airplane

A woman seated next to a rowdy toddler on a flight politely asked his mother to settle her child. However, she was met with a cold response from the boy’s mother. 

Now she is wondering if she should have ignored the child and let him continue bouncing about and causing a scene. 

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The woman was told to ‘mind her own business’ after pointing out to the boy’s mother that he should be seated. 

Sharing her story to the subreddit thread, r/AmITheA–hole, the 21-year-old woman sought the advice of other users regarding the situation. 

She began her post by revealing that she was flying from Texas to Los Angeles for her work and was seated next to a mother in her late 20s with a toddler who looked to be about three or four years old. 

The mother was seated by the window, her child was in the middle and the woman was on the aisle seat. 

Shortly after take-off, the toddler began acting up.

“About 20 minutes into the flight her child started standing up on the seat and stomping while mildly screaming,” the woman wrote. “All this while the moms nose was in her phone the whole time.” 

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The woman attempted to get the mother’s attention to hint to her that she needed to settle her son.

“I tried to make eye contact with her as a way to inform her that her child is not behaving. And she refused to look up from her phone,” she wrote. 

After 10 minutes of the child’s nonstop misbehavior, she finally decided to say something to his mother. 

“I tapped the mom on her shoulder and told her that she should watch her child and tell him to sit down,” the woman wrote. 

However, the mother did not appreciate her concern. “She gave me a dirty look and told me to mind my own business,” she wrote. 

The woman asked other Redditors if she was wrong. 

Redditors supported the woman for her actions. 

“You’re right. That mother needs to pay attention to her very obvious rowdy child,” one user commented. 

“It's a plane with other people on it, if someone can't handle being asked to quiet their child down after getting on a flight and letting their kid behave like that, they shouldn't get on the plane,” another user wrote. 

Others noted the safety hazards of not being seated during a flight. 

“If the plane hit turbulence the kid would have gone tumbling off the seat,” another user pointed out.  “Bet mommy would have paid attention then.” 

Others suggested that the woman should have flagged down a flight attendant to avoid the mother’s snippiness. 

That fasten seatbelt sign that appears overhead on flight is not just there as a decoration — one bump and people like the small toddler could literally take flight. 

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