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Bride Calls Off Wedding Hearing What Fiance Told Her Daughter About Their Wedding Decor

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This one bride made the drastic decision to cancel her wedding after her fiance showed his true colors when expressing his feelings about her daughter.

Later she went to Reddit and posted on the "r/AmItheA--hole" (AITA) thread to share her story.

The bride’s fiance asked her to not include her daughter’s ideas in the wedding.

The woman wrote in her post that she is soon getting married to her fiance and that she has a 16-year-old daughter from a previous partner.

The bride mentioned that her daughter has recently developed a new hobby of paper origami and came up with the idea of making something for the table favors at the wedding.

As a mother, she wanted to let her daughter express her creativity and even bought her the necessary paper for the decorations.

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One day, when they were visiting the wedding venue, the bride’s daughter mentioned how she was looking forward to including her decorations at the wedding.

The woman and her friends thought it was a great idea, however, the fiance disliked it.

The woman wrote, “When we came back home, he expressed his concerns about what my daughter said, and said that it seemed ‘childish’ and that he wouldn't have it [at] his wedding.”

That led to a fight between the couple, however, the fight was put on hold as the woman had some errands to run. 

It seemed that the man wasn’t satisfied with the situation and decided to take matters into his hands.

The bride canceled the wedding after her fiance told her daughter that her ideas would ruin the wedding.

When the woman wasn’t home, the man went to talk to her daughter about her paper origami ideas, and things didn’t go well.

The woman wrote, “When I came home today my daughter came crying to me, telling me she's sorry that she's ruining my wedding with her ideas and said she'll pay me back for the paper.”

The woman, caught by surprise, then asked her daughter what she meant by that.

Her daughter then explained that her fiance had told her that her ideas were ruining the wedding and that her mother agreed with him.

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After hearing about everything, the woman was quite angry at her fiance.

She couldn't stay silent when she saw her daughter being hurt and decided that her daughter was more important than her relationship — so she called off her wedding.

She wrote, "I confronted him about everything and told him that he will not shame my daughter and dishonor her amazing work and that we need a break."

While the conflict over the table decorations was the main reason for her decision, the woman found out some other things about her fiance from her daughter that contributed to her decision.

When the woman took her daughter out to eat, she told her how her fiance would treat her work.

She wrote, “She told me that while I was away there were many [instances] where he would tell her that her art was horrible, and said that if I wasn't her mother I'd agree.”

The woman reassured her that it wasn’t true and that she would always support her art.

After finding out about everything, the woman felt relieved that she didn’t marry her fiance.

Redditors also told the woman that her fiance was bad news.

People were shocked to know about how the woman's fiance lied to her daughter and many mentioned how he can create problems in the future.

"To get his way, he LIED to your daughter. He told her that you had negative thoughts and feelings - but you DID NOT," one user wrote.

"He breached your trust, and hers, and caused her to doubt her relationship with you. What other harm might he do?"

Another user wrote, "What a jerk. Why does he care if there is something simple added to the table? That's just nuts. He lied to your daughter and bullied her."

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