Man Refuses To Attend Sister's Wedding After Hearing The One Condition She Had For Her Big Day

He was supposed to walk her down the aisle.

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Missing out on a loved one's wedding is not something most people would do if they had the choice, but for one man, he feels he was left with no other option after his sister revealed the condition she had for the big day.

After his sister became upset with his choice, he wondered if it was the right thing to do so, he went to Reddit’s "r/AmItheA--hole" (AITA) thread to share his story.

The man’s sister didn’t want his girlfriend to attend her wedding.

In his post, the man explained that his sister was soon getting married to her fiance — with whom she has been engaged for 3 years.


He was planning on attending the wedding with his girlfriend of almost 11 years, but his sister didn’t want that.

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He wrote, “My sister made it clear that she wanted an intimate wedding (60 guests) and since my [girlfriend] isn’t [my] wife, she didn’t consider her family.”

As it was his sister’s wedding, he respected her decision and didn’t RSVP for the wedding, however, his sister called him and asked why he didn’t RSVP.

At that moment, he found out that his sister wanted him at the wedding but not his girlfriend. The man didn’t want to attend the wedding without his girlfriend so he refused.


After hearing her brother’s decision, the bride was upset and angry.

The man wrote, “She was crying and raging since I’m her only brother and since dad isn’t in the picture I’m supposed to be the one giving her away.”

As the man had an important role in the wedding, his sister requested that he go to her wedding, but the man continued to refuse despite his girlfriend assuring him that it was ok for him to go.

Soon after that, the man’s sister got in touch with him and let him know that it was all right for his girlfriend to come to the wedding if it meant that he was coming.

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He wrote, “Yesterday she texted me and my [girlfriend] that [it's] FINE we could come both of us. My [girlfriend] looked so sad but she said it’s up to me. So I texted back that we’re not coming.”

The man didn’t want to ruin his sister’s wedding as he had an important role. As an alternative, he asked his uncle whether he could walk his sister down the aisle and he was happy to do it.

However, the man’s sister was still upset at the man’s decision.

After hearing about the situation, all of the man’s family members were stating that he was wrong to hurt his sister.

Reddit users agreed that the man had made the right choice.

People instead blamed the bride for not considering her brother's girlfriend as a part of the family.


Everyone felt that since her brother had been with his girlfriend for almost 11 years, she could be considered family.

One user wrote, "what's wrong with your sister? Were you close before this? She couldn't see the possibility that not inviting your girlfriend/life partner would be upsetting to you? Plus, her reasoning is over a piece of legal paper."

Another user wrote, "11 years means your [girlfriend] is family, also even if it is an intimate wedding guests should be allowed a plus one?"


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